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When I bought my black iPhone 5, I was ecstatic. I loved the matte black and gloss black finishes, and figured that there was no way that I’d ever put a case on such a beautiful device. I’m an adult, I can be careful, right?

Yeah, not so much. While I never had dropping issues with my iPhone 4S, I seem to be quite the klutz with my 5, and now it has little silver chips to remind me of my past mistakes. My wife’s, meanwhile, looks brand new. Must be that fancy plastic case she has.

So what about you? Do you use a case on your iPhone? Let us know in the poll to the right!

My wife never liked buying cases for her iPhones, she preferred the Gelaskins-style sticker with a little pattern. No biggie to me, but then one day I noticed that the sticker on the back of her iPhone 4 looked a little … bubbly. I peeled off the sticker, and with it came tons of tiny pieces of glass. She had broken the back of her iPhone and had no idea.

Me, I’m a case guy. But what about you? Do you prefer to buy a case for your iPhone, or do you like it au naturale? Let us know in the poll to the right.

The current rumor gossip has the next Apple event being this October 4th, and if that holds true, odds are a new iPhone is coming out soon. Some people buy accessories for their iPhone on opening day, from cases to screen protectors and anything else.

So what’s the first thing you buy for your new iPhone? Do you have to have a new case with each new model or do you even buy anything at all? Let us know in the poll to the right.

Recently, we looked at the our favorite apps from Macworld followed by a post on the future of the Expo. Today we’ll wrap up this series with a post on some of our favorite hardware accessories that made an appearance at Macworld 2011.

Many of the accessories were quite useful, but even more interesting to us were all of the bizarre ideas inventors have come up with. From iPad jackets to cases for using your iPhone underwater, this post has it all.


As the iPad gradually made its way across the world this weekend, we thought it would be useful to bring together a big collection of different cases, gadgets and accessories related to Apple’s latest offering.

Although it certainly shines all by itself, the iPad becomes even more useful when combined with other accessories. We’ve broken them down into cases, bags, keyboards, protective skins, stands, styluses, power, and Apple gadgets. Hopefully a few of those featured here will be particularly interesting to you!


Although we’re primarily focused on software at AppStorm, it’s important not to overlook some of the amazing hardware and physical accessories available for the iPhone. Today I will be outlining 50 different gadgets and gizmos that can add extra functionality to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Accessories are broken down into different categories; speakers, earphones, docks/stands, in-car, cases, and the compulsory “other”. Whether you’re sat at home, driving to work, or going for a run – you’ll be sure to find something interesting in this bumper roundup!