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Smartphones provide easy access to the Internet and expand our options for keeping in touch. In most cases, an email, a text, a tweet or a post can be received on a device at about the same speed. Beyond remembering which contact methods work best for your circle, the bane of so much choice is management. Multiple profiles and address books across many services can be a mess to integrate.

That’s where Brewster steps in. The visual-heavy app merges various social media profiles from your colleagues into streamlined address book entries. Let’s jump in to give it a try. (more…)

I did a post a little while back on an application that replaced the Address Book on your iPhone, and it seems that these 3rd party apps are starting to gain more and more traction. Developers are starting to see the need for a better address book and are doing something about it. I, for one, love Apple and its products and software, and I am really hoping that these apps push them to make the iPhone OS better sooner rather than later.

In this review, I look at an application that is almost the complete opposite of the one I recently reviewed. It is called Buzz Contacts, and it is developed by the same guys that brought you Agenda, a great looking calendar application for the iPhone. (more…)

With the advent of social media and the amount of people that we are coming in contact with on a daily or weekly basis, the basic address book is no longer cutting it. The days of knowing only someone’s phone number and email are no longer acceptable because there is so much more information on that person.

Up until now, Apple never has done anything spectacular with their Address Book on either the Mac or iOS, so you know that this space was ripe for the picking. I believe that Smartr Contacts may have come at a good time. Let’s find out after the jump. (more…)