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The Internet, and especially social media, has seen an influx of pretty spectacular animated gifs recently, called cinemagraphs. In a cinemagraph, the majority of the image is frozen while a section is animated. Imagine a still skyline with a fluttering flag being the only thing in motion, or an outdoor scene but the only thing that moves are a tree’s leaves. It’s a striking effect, but from a layperson’s perspective with little design experience, it seems almost impossible to capture.

Developer Factyle wanted to make that cinemagraph effect a little bit easier for all of us. Enter Cinemagram, which can record short bursts of video or will use your own videos to create those same cool, awesome, spooky and haunting images. Can it really be that easy? We’ll take a look at Cinemagram to see if creating cinemagraphs is really something anyone can do or if it’s best left to the pros. (more…)

You’re browsing Twitter and you spot A tweet that says “current status” followed by a link. The link turns out to be an animated photo of a cat trying to sit inside a tiny box. You chuckle a bit and wonder, what was that thing? That little animation is most likely an animated GIF. These animated snippets are nothing new necessarily, but they’ve seen some increased traction lately.

Gifture is a new iPhone application that enables you to easily create and share some really cool animated GIFs. Think of an Instagram, but only for GIFs. If you haven’t seen any of these little things you’re in luck; they’re pretty entertaining to view, and now with Gifture, they’re even more fun to create. (more…)

Lume is one of those rare puzzle games that you just can’t put down once you start. The design and background music are impeccable in setting a somber yet elegant tone. The puzzle challenges inside are also fun and quite the brain teaser.

The app was created by State of Play Games who have already begun work on the sequel, Lume 2. The popularity of Lume is not unfounded, as it certainly offers a unique mobile experience. There are some iOS users who just hate buying games and do not enjoy playing them, but if you like complex puzzles or even enjoy colorful app interfaces Lume is an amazing example. (more…)