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Almost exactly one year ago we took at look at the brand new Apple Store app for iPhone, which allowed you to browse, find and make appointments at local stores as well as actually purchase products right from your phone.

Recently, Apple upgraded the app with a few new features. Today we’re going to take a renewed look at the app to see what you can do with it and whether or not it deserves a spot on your home screen

Recently I’ve had a few experiences with the Apple Genius bar, the panel of experts that sits in every Apple store waiting to answer your most complicated iPhone and Mac questions.

To be honest, I’m continually blown away by how much these people go out of their way to help me. The other day I took in a fairly new but non-functioning extension cord but forgot the receipt. I asked if they could simply look up my recent purchase, they said there was no need. If I told them it was a new cord, they would believe me and replace it immediately, free of charge.

In another trip I brought in my cousin’s aging MacBook. The hard drive had suddenly seized up and the computer had ceased working altogether. Though it was well out of warranty, the guy at the Genius Bar actually apologized for the product, stating that this should’ve never happened. He then ordered a free replacement drive and threw in a new outer case because the old one was cracked.

In my experience, these kinds of actions are unheard of in customer support. These are the people that are supposed to shun responsibility and point blame at customers no matter what the problem. The kind of people that will stop at nothing to make sure that you don’t get that 100% satisfaction refund that was promised to you. Apple stores in my area seemed to have missed the memo.

Today we’d like to know if you’ve had any similar experiences. Vote in the poll on the right letting us know what you think of the customer service at the Apple Store. Then leave a comment below and tell your Apple genius story. Did they go out of there way to help you or stick their noses in the air and wait for you to leave. We want to hear all the details!