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The last decade has been rough for the world’s most iconic CEO. In 2004, it was discovered that Jobs had pancreatic cancer. He underwent several treatments and Tim Cook took over operations while Steve began a successful recovery. By the end of 2008, Jobs was taking another health related leave of absence and received a liver transplant in April of 2009.

Fast-forward to 2011 and Steve has once again made an announcement that he will be taking a leave of absence to focus on his health. As the world wonders how long Jobs can possibly continue in his fractured state, we can’t help but be concerned not only about his well being, but that of the company that he has dedicated his life to building.

What will Apple be like in a post-Steve era? Can it continue its seemingly never-ending winning streak or will it take a turn for the worst like it did when Steve was booted out in the 80s?


As we mentioned in yesterday’s poll question, at the beginning of the week Apple surprised us all by posting an announcement on their homepage. Something big was coming from iTunes. So big in fact that Apple promised us a day we would never forget.


The big tease from Apple

Naturally, our imaginations ran wild. Would it be a new streaming service? Would the long-awaited cloud-based iTunes app now become reality? Or was Apple cooking up something even better that we hadn’t even thought of yet?

Today we’ll be discussing two very separate companies that have been recently thrown in together in headlines all over the web: Facebook and Apple. The two major topics of discussion might surprise you.

Is Facebook secretly working on a major iOS competitor? Is Apple positioning itself to buy Facebook? Below we’ll take a look at what’s fueling these two rumors and discuss whether or not they’re likely to come to fruition.


Apple just took the number two spot on the S&P 500 in terms of market cap, which is a strong indicator that it’s among the most valuable companies on the planet. An interesting feat for a company that many predicted wouldn’t make it through the 90s.

Today I’ll take a look back at Apple’s long and rocky road to the top through the eyes of a self-proclaimed Apple nerd.


With the recent upgrade of Apple’s line of iPods, the Mac rumor mills have been buzzing about the likelihood that we’ll see a new iPad soon.

What will the new iPad be like? What will the killer new features be? When will it be announced? At this point the answers are anyone’s guess but below I’ll give my own predictions.


Last week Apple released a music-based social network called Ping. Steve Jobs described Ping as “sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes” and lauded it as an amazing new way to discover new music.

So is Ping the next great social network? What does this mean for MySpace Music and other music-related social sites like Today we’ll discuss these questions and more as we walk you through Ping’s basic functionality.

Last week Apple released a new way to shop the Apple store: via iOS. Now you can purchase any Apple product you want just as easily as you would download an app. Great for you, bad for your bank account.

It’s definitely a great app, but just in case you’re wondering whether or not you really need to have the Apple store taking up space on your iPhone, we’ll walk you through the basic functionality and interface.


Apple’s MobileMe service is a full-featured “cloud” service. With email, calendar, a photo gallery, and cloud storage app, they’ve really made a one-stop shop. It’s far from perfect, but works well for many people. One area lacking is that, until recently, there was no mobile counterpart for several of the MobileMe features. Most notably photo galleries and iDisk.

You’ll be pleased to know that in recent months, Apple has stepped up to fill that gap in the shape of iDisk and Gallery. With these, your MobileMe experience is complete (when coupled with the apps built into your iPhone already). This review will take a look at both pieces of software, and see what they have to offer.


Our friends over at Mac.AppStorm are offering some live news and analysis of today’s Apple Event – rumoured to be the announcement of a new tablet device.

If you love your iPhone, I’m sure you’ll be excited to see what else Apple have up their sleeve. Head over to read our coverage – starting at around 9.30am PT – and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and predictions!

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