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No matter what generation of Apple TV you own — first gen, 720p or 1080p — the preferred method of input has always been this tiny remote that’s as minimal as you can get. Sure, it’s great to work with and all that, but if you’ve got a decent sized collection of movies and television shows to navigate through, things can get a bit tricky.

Remote solves that problem and more, plus does it all from your iPhone or iPad. Don’t believe me? Then sit back and find out how Remote takes the Apple TV and kicks it up a notch.  (more…)

Remember a few years back before we had the iPad? Rumors were swirling about the latest new Apple product, and how it was going to revolutionize everything we did. Well, it did that, and now we’re hearing similar rumors about an AppleTV — a real, physical, 40-inches and up television that has all the great features of the current AppleTV 2, but it’s, well, a television.

As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, it’s looking like an AppleTV may be on the horizon. What do you think? If one existed, would you buy it? Let us know in the poll to the right.

For Christmas last year, I bought my parents an AppleTV, and promptly found out that their archaic television setup wouldn’t work with the system. They debated buying a new TV, but at the time, just couldn’t justify the buy, so the AppleTV sat there collecting dust. Yesterday, after months of waxing philosophic over the subject, they broke down and bought a new set, and we connected the AppleTV immediately, making them happy people.

This got me thinking about the conversion they’ve made to Apple products over the past year, which has been quite extensive. A year ago, they each owned an iPod and an iPhone, but today, they have an iMac, AppleTV and more, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Then I started counting my own Apple collection, and wondered about how many you all own.

So satisfy my curiosity: How many Apple products do you own?

Earlier today Apple held its annual live media event covering all things new in the land of iPod, iTunes and even AppleTV.

They’ve released a ton of enhancements and upgrades across the board and we’ve got your one-stop coverage. Below you’ll find a brief overview of all the goodies you’ll be blowing your paychecks on in the coming weeks.