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We all love getting something great for free! However, hunting down the good free apps from the terrible ones in the jungle out there can be a difficult job.

Fortunately for you, AppStorm is here to help. We’ve collected together some awesome roundups of fantastic free apps for every device you own – all while trying to keep a mix of old classics and new favourites, hit the links below and immerse yourself!

At AppStorm we love helping you get the most out of your devices, mostly by giving you the low-down on the latest and greatest apps! Occasionally, however, it’s good to highlight the very best apps available; whether they be old classics, or new gems.

Recently each site has published a massive, and eminently thoughtful, roundup of the very best apps available, and I’ve collected them all together! Our editors and teams went to herculean lengths to ensure that these roundups would be more than worth your time, so without further ado…


There are thousands of iPhone apps out there, and for someone who’s new to the scene, it can be a little daunting to pick out a few that will help them out. What’s a newbie to do?

Start here, that’s what. The team at iPhone.AppStorm has come up with 100 of our favorite apps and put them in one convenient location for everyone to use as reference. These are the best, brightest and coolest apps that we personally use, and would recommend to anyone who asks. What’s that? You just asked what our top 100 iPhone apps are? Hit the jump and find out in convenient alphabetical order.  (more…)

I have always loved apps that make it easier to access what I need when I need it. I am all about efficiency and the more time I can save the better, even if it is only seconds, which then turn to minutes, and well, you know how it goes. One of my favorite apps that definitely helps in reducing my time for the Mac is Alfred, which for those of you that don’t know, is a great tool for accessing all the different things on your Mac a lot quicker and easier.

One thing I never got was the fact that the iPhone never had shortcuts — easy ways to get to the things that I do all the time.  So when App Cubby came out with Launch Center, I just had to try it out to see if it would actually help me in my use of the iPhone. It’s a “one stop shop” where you can access a variety of shortcuts to help you make life a little easier on the iPhone.

For some of us, a game isn’t a game unless there’s some gunpowder involved. Thankfully, hidden amongst the clutter of word puzzles, birds you sling at pigs, and other grenade-launcher-lacking yawners, the App Store offers some true gems in the heat-packing department. Even better? Plenty of them are free. So we’ll spare you the search and give you the low down on a few of our favorite free or super cheap gun-toting games.


So it’s the day after Christmas, and those of you who celebrate the holiday are probably still working your way through piles of tinsel and empty cartons of eggnog. It seems like at our house, an iTunes gift card is usually standard fare under the tree, but more recently we’ve been getting apps given to us via the App Store.

What about you? Have you found yourself with an app under the tree? Have you given one yourself? How about gift cards? Let us know in the poll to the right.

CodeCanyon has long been a source of great iPhone apps. One of CodeCanyon’s strengths is that you can often find great tools for mobile development alongside cools apps. In fact, it’s pretty packed with timesaving tools that will make your next iPhone website or mobile development a snap. Today, we’re going to do a rundown of some of the best selling iPhone apps on CodeCanyon.


My wife loves downloading the latest games for her iPhone. Me, I’m a bit of a productivity and social networking junkie, both which are a bit of a blessing and a curse since I’m in the business of writing app reviews. The rest of my family is a bit of a hodge-podge of app junkies, with my father seemingly always looking for a new weather app, while my mother wants to get that perfect to-do list sorted out.

What about you? What’s your favorite type of app to buy? You know the drill: post your answer in the comments and let us know!

When the iPhone 4S was announced, Apple also introduced quite a few other products including Cards, which made everyone tilt their heads slightly to the left and say, “Huh?” It didn’t make a lot of sense to most people, but to me, I got it. I tweeted this right away:

New Cards app for iOS. My mother will buy this today, guaranteed. Make your own greeting cards on your iPhone.

Apple has sold greetings cards for a long time now through iPhoto, but this will take it up to the next step. Get ready to see lots of Apple cards in your mail this holiday season.


I had to do a restore on my iPhone recently, and in the process all of my apps got knocked all over the place and I had to reorganize. Being the OCD kinda guy that I am, it took me quite a bit of time to make sure that everything was put in its most optimal location, and after an hour or so of futzing with the interface, I got things good to go.

And then I used it. After a week or so I realized that there are two types of apps out there that sit on my homescreen and every other page: Ones I use, and ones I think I use. Ever run into that problem? So to maximize my layout, I decided to play around with a few different techniques and methods, each of which with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re a bit OCD like myself (or just curious), hit the jump and we’ll talk it out.


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