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Last week we asked you to show us your iPhone’s home screens, and the response was overwhelming. So much so that we decided to show off as many home screens as possible by packing it into one big roundup.

Now, of course, there are a few duplicates here and there, but we did our best to trim it down and make the list a bit more manageable. Thanks to all of you who submitted your home screens, and hit the jump the check them out!


A week or so ago, I was going through my usual routine and looking at our sister site, Mac.AppStorm, when I found an excellent post by Jorge Rodriguez titled, “Our Favorite Apps: What the AppStorm Crew Couldn’t Live Without.” Anytime I read a post like that, I always come away with new apps for my arsenal that I had either never used before or never thought of, and that’s exactly what happened this time.

With that in mind, I decided to “borrow” Jorge’s concept and do the same thing over here at iPhone.AppStorm. I contacted our team and asked them what their favorite apps were. The answers might surprise you.


A week or so back, I tweeted about a statistic I had seen online. The premise was that the average iOS customer spends around $150 on apps. At the time, I joked that I probably spent more than that in a few months, but then I started thinking about it. Frankly, it kind of festered in my head for a bit. Why does that number seem low to me?

So to get it out of my head, I decided to put it to a poll. Please select from the options on the right, and then we can check back on the results later to see how much our readers spend per year.

With the iTunes Store now containing well over 300,000 apps and growing at unprecedented rates, the iPhone has become the source of a fairly new type of serious psychological condition: App Addiction. We here at iPhone.AppStorm are full-blown app addicts and proudly download and test every new toy we can get our hands on.

Today we want to gauge your level of app addiction with a simple poll that asks how many apps you download per week (not counting standard updates). Are you a casual downloader or an obsessive app-crazed lunatic!?

After voting in the poll, leave a comment and let us know how many of these are paid apps and how many are free. Do you stick to free downloads or are you spending serious amounts of cash to build up the ever-growing kingdom of Apple?

Earlier this week, Apple dedicated their homepage to a special announcement that something big was coming from iTunes. They hyped it as a day we would “never forget.” Speculation immediately ran wild, everything from an early launch of the Mac App Store to a cloud-based iTunes service was postulated.

We now know that the big news was about the Beatles finally coming to iTunes. This represents the end of years of legal struggles for Apple, but is it really a day you’ll never forget? Cast your vote and let us know! Then leave a comment below and tell us whether or not you’ve purchased any iTunes Beatles music.

Here at AppStorm we want to make sure we’re continually improving our content so that it’s relevant to our readers. One huge way you can help us do this is simply by telling us what types of apps you like best.

Take a second and vote for your favorite category from the App Store. I’m personally addicted to productivity apps but you might be more of gamer or maybe a music lover. If we didn’t mention your favorite category, simply write it in at the bottom.

If you’d like to help us even further, leave a comment below ranking your top three to five favorite categories. Feel free to also mention what types of apps you’re sick of reading about!

The Apple App Store has revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and in the process, created dozens of copycats and changed the way people purchase software. But with all of the different pricing options, what really designates value? What makes a free app worth the download and an expensive app with lots of value too pricey? To find out, we decided to dig a little deeper.

In this week’s poll question, we want to know how many apps you have installed on your iOS device!

Leave a comment below and tell us whether you like to cram your device to the brink or keep the offering slim. I currently have 73 and would have a lot more if I weren’t about out of storage!

Don’t go counting your apps one by one to answer! Instead, tap on Settings and go to General and About. The number next to the Applications heading should tell you how many are installed on your device.

Hoarding vast quantities of apps has been a time honored tradition for iPhone owners since Apple began allowing 3rd party development in 2008. However, with over 250,000 apps available from the App Store, finding those that are worthwhile isn’t always an easy task.

Enter AppShopper for iPhone: an app that helps you find other apps at a bargain.


If you just dropped a few hundred dollars on an iPad, you might not have much left in your budget to fill it up with apps. Fortunately, app developers have already stepped up and created a huge collection of completely free iPad apps.

Below you’ll find over 100 free iPad apps to help you get started. Many of them are only free for a limited time as an introductory special so you’d better grab them fast!


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