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As someone who’s passionate about cooking and traveling the world through cookbooks, I buy groceries from many different sources. Some days I take a break from the supermarket and pay a visit to my local butcher shop. On Saturdays the farmers market sparks my creativity with its bountiful heirloom fruits and vegetables. When I’m feeling adventurous, the local Asian Market awaits with exotic produce and a world of unfamiliar ingredients. But it can be overwhelming finding ingredients for a recipe when the labels are printed in a foreign language. Asking for help in the Asian market results in friendly smiles and the realization that no one in the shop seems to speak English. Don’t despair — the Asian Market Shopper app by revered cooking expert and cookbook author Andrea Nguyen is here to help.

This pocket guide includes detailed photographs and audio pronunciations of 100 essential Asian ingredients accompanied by 25 staple recipes. Andrea’s cheerful, encouraging personality comes through in the instructional videos and her tips for shopping in Asian markets melt away any fears of the unfamiliar. Ingredients and recipes are depicted in mouth-watering photos in an app that’s useful and inspiring. If you love cooking Asian cuisine but fear the strange world of Asian markets, Andrea Nguyen is your new best friend. (more…)