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Finance is one area of my life where I always like to feel that I am in control and I know what is going on. When I was single it was easy to handle, but now with a wife, her small business and a son, the financial accounts have grown and become a little more complicated. I still want to stay on top of things and like to make sure that we are doing okay, but now I get a little help from an app called Personal Capital.

I have the bad habit of never keeping a very good record of our money, in that I don’t log somewhere every time we make a transaction. With debit cards and automatic withdrawals, it has made that process so much harder, in my opinion. What I would do is that I would just check my bank accounts every day to make sure that the transactions that took place the previous day, matched up with what I thought it should be. That can be a tedious process, and so I began searching for an app that could help me out, and that is where Personal Capital came into play for me. (more…)

There are certain application categories that seem to draw a lot of attention from both developers and users. Aside from to-do list apps, the most popular category would have to be applications that promise to help you keep track of your money.

Some of them focus on sheer information while many have tried to gain users with stunning user interfaces. Saver falls into the latter camp, at once entering a saturated market and shattering the average user’s expectations. Want to learn about how it works? Follow along after the jump.