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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting System Monitor, Free Memory and Battery. The developer describes System Monitor, Free Memory and Battery the most comprehensive all-in-one health check app that frees memory on your iPhone, boosts battery performance, monitors your system memory, CPU utilization and disk utilization. It is a complete iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad monitoring app, that lets you know about the current memory in use and free. You can then close unwanted apps that are slowing down your iPhone.

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As the iPad gradually made its way across the world this weekend, we thought it would be useful to bring together a big collection of different cases, gadgets and accessories related to Apple’s latest offering.

Although it certainly shines all by itself, the iPad becomes even more useful when combined with other accessories. We’ve broken them down into cases, bags, keyboards, protective skins, stands, styluses, power, and Apple gadgets. Hopefully a few of those featured here will be particularly interesting to you!