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Accidents happen, and when they do it’s always good to be prepared. But how does one prepare for a disaster? It’s always good to have medical supplies and nonperishable food handy, and a game plan for what actions you should take when a disaster strikes. The problem with disasters (other than the disaster itself) is dealing with the aftermath. If you have insurance on your house or apartment, you may think you’re squared away. Chances are, you’re not.

When you file a claim after a disaster, most insurance companies require a list of everything that was damaged (or stolen, in the case of a robbery). Unless you’re really on your game, you probably haven’t kept a running inventory of your stuff. Luckily, there’s an app for that, and its name is Belongings. Join me after the jump and I’ll show you how to use Belongings to create a virtual inventory of everything you own. (more…)