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I love Tumblr. I didn’t think I would, after I saw some of the stuff that my younger sister was always checking out on it, but sometimes I surprise even myself. At this point, I keep two blogs up on the site: a rarely-updated personal blog that’s not even worth linking to and a music recommendations blog called Unsung Sundays, and I couldn’t be happier with the service. It’s one of the few CMS systems that doesn’t feel totally broken.

That being said, I didn’t think I’d ever start making posts on my iOS devices and keeping them. While the Tumblr app for iPhone and iPad has been capable of doing that sort of thing for a while, it hasn’t always been as smooth of an experience as it’s been on the desktop. But recently, that changed with the iOS 7 update for Tumblr, which makes it the best blogging app on iOS bar none. Read on to find out why you might consider taking up blogging again, but from your phone.


Squarespace is a great website builder for those of us who don’t have the time to either code our own websites or simply don’t know how. I’ve used it for both my personal blog and my professional site, and I’m largely happy with it. (Once I find time, I’ll be hand coding my own professional site, but that’s not because Squarespace isn’t adequate. It’s because I want to code it when I can find the time, simply for the joy of coding.)

That being said, anybody who uses Squarespace knows that it was a giant pain to post anything to your site from your iPhone or iPad. Unlike CMS like Tumblr or WordPress, Squarespace’s older apps were massively inconvenient. They didn’t allow you to edit any posts that had images, and you couldn’t write in Markdown or do any layout work. With Squarespace Blog, that all changes. Read on to find out more about the conveniences of a Squarespace blog on your iOS device. (more…)

Audiophiles regularly lament their disapproval with music players. The algorithm-based system of Pandora lacks a human element when selecting tracks to play. On the other end of the extreme are streaming apps such as Live365 and Songza, which rarely allow outside influence when listening to someone’s pre-programmed station. Spotify playlists are at the mercy of their creators and ⎯ let’s be honest ⎯ sometimes our friends and favorite media sites don’t have the best taste in music!

Can a balance between being controllable and being out of the box exist for music discovery? thinks so. It uses blogs, one of the digital era’s most prevalent tools for music experts, to guide listeners to new music. But is’s in-the-know curation method enough to keep listeners tuned in? Find out after the jump.


Starting a blog or website can be difficult. There are seemingly countless options for where to host your site, what kind of publishing system you should use, how you’ll get things to the site; the amount of options can be freeing but also paralyzing, as it’s hard to find one that will work “just right” for what you have in mind.

Enter Squarespace. Squarespace is a hosting and publishing system designed to make running a weblog or website incredibly easy. Outside of being such a well-integrated service, the part of the deal that really sweetened the pot for me was the fact that they had a native iPhone app, titled appropriately enough, Squarespace. Read on to find out why this was such a big deal!

Do you want a simple way to share the things that happen on the go without taking tons of time to format a nice blog post? Posterous describes itself as the simplest way to blog and share anything you want, so let’s see if their new iPhone app brings the same tradition of simplicity for mobile blogging.

Posterous is one of the most unique simple blogging services. To start a blog, just send an email to [email protected], and seconds later, you’ll have a new Posterous blog with that email as your first post. This means that every iPhone and iPod Touch have a built in Posterous blogging app: the Mail app. You could also blog from a more advanced email app such as MarkdownMail. Still, when you want to post pictures or manage your blog itself, you’ll want more power. That’s where the new Posterous app comes in.


WordPress is without a doubt one of the most ubiquitous website and blogging platforms around, and for good reason. The sheer volume of plugins and themes available to make your site stand out from the crowd is immense and has made WordPress the premier piece of web software for creating a beautiful website or blog.

Contemplate for a moment that there are now estimated to be upwards of 96.6 million Internet users who read a blog at least once a month – and that’s just in the US! It would be crazy not to utilize the incredible functionality of the iPhone to aid you in updating, managing, and tracking your website or blog. Furthermore, with the ever increasing rise of the smartphone, a large portion of the people viewing websites and blogs will be doing so on the move. You wouldn’t want your WordPress site to disappoint them would you?

Below we’ll look at a range of WordPress related resources with your iPhone in mind – from Apps to help you manage your blog through to themes and plugins designed to make your site have an impact on the iPhone.


Almost all the major blogging platforms have their own native app and most of them support multiple blogs from the same platform. But what about all the users out there using multiple platforms?

For those of us dabbling with multiple blogs across multiple platforms, we need a better solution than juggling multiple apps. BlogPress is an app that supports eight of the popular blogging platforms. Now, if you are willing to let go of $2.99 from your pocket for a carefree blogging experience, follow me after the fold.