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One of the most prevalent conflicts in human history has been the battle between Good and Evil, from childhood games to popular literature this veritable war of attrition has been promoted to no end by the entertainment industry and now it has arrived on iOS. Formidable detective or blundering criminal? Let’s find out how Scotland Yard stacks up. (more…)

Set in the post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima, Neuroshima Hex is an iOS universal implementation of the successful Polish board game of the same name. Developed for iOS by Big Daddy’s Creations, it is a game of fairly simple rules that, once learned, make for quick strategic battles.

Each turn you draw from your selection of hex-shaped tiles (each one representing a unit type in your army) and place them strategically on the board. As the board fills, eventually a battle ensues and tiles are removed from the game in a process of elimination based on the capabilities of individual tiles, and how they influence one another. Confused yet? Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense after the break. (more…)

I’m not a board game guy; never have been, don’t really see it happening in the future. But I am a geek, so the other day I was watching The Tabletop on Geek & Sundry, specifically the episode where Colin Ferguson and Anne Wheaton play Ticket to Ride. There was no way I was going to sit there for close to 30 minutes to watch people play a board game, right?

Yup, there was, and when I finished I thought, “I wonder if Ticket to Ride is available on the iPad or iPhone?” Sure enough, it is, and it’s called Ticket To Ride Pocket, and it’s a blast to play. Hop onboard after the jump.  (more…)