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There’s an innate struggle when you’re a collector of anything to not appear like a crazy person. I know a gentleman who collects bicycles. He has eighteen in his garage at last count. I collect films and am slowly getting into the world of book collection. That being said, it’s difficult to explain to somebody that I purchased somewhere north of 200 Blu-rays in 2010 without getting funny glances (I have slowed down considerably, so I appear normal now).

Beyond the societal implications of our neuroses as collectors, cataloguing our possessions becomes something of a hobby. One friend and fellow film collector keeps four Excel spreadsheets of what he owns, each documenting different aspects of his collection. That’s a level of precision I think most collectors aspire to be; a certain craziness that few people other than those with the itch want to scratch. For movie collectors, there are a lot of apps that offer this functionality on iPhone, and few do it well. Book collectors have many options, but the only real choice they have is The Bookcase. (more…)

We are still exploring uses for our mobile devices and cellular and WiFi networks, but one feature or function that has always been hanging around is this notion of content consumption. As devices get better and networks get faster, the possibilities and opportunities continually change.

Reading from the web is certainly a big portion of this content, and companies, publishers and individuals are constantly exploring how to best get their content to their consumers and how to monetize it. The world of book and magazine publishing has been especially shaken up as our mobile devices have become increasingly more powerful. The idea of simply trying to re-create the physical experience on a mobile device is a path that many established publishers, arguably incorrectly, are heading down.

Push Pop Press is looking at this from a different angle: they are looking at book publishing essentially from the ground up. Their thought is to look at the devices we currently have access to and the conditions in which they reside and then build a platform using those capabilities to create the best possible experience for the user. It is a book, but at the same time, it is something completely different. Our Choice by Al Gore is their first book utilizing this new platform. Let’s take a look and see how it works.


Wikipedia now has over three and a half million articles in it’s massive database and its something most of us use every day. Whether you’re checking who the actor in that movie you just saw was or learning stoichiometry (don’t worry, i’ll wait while you Google it), Wikipedia is one site that the Internet could not be without.

Now, I don’t know about you but I use my iPad a lot for casual browsing and Wikipedia is one of those sites I browse. Sure, Wikipedia in Safari is a great experience, but native apps almost always act superior to their web counterparts. Wikipedia has a wealth of unofficial iOS apps, some of which we’ve reviewed and one that we haven’t: Wikipanion.

Wikipanion doesn’t provide any gimmicky special Wikipedia experience like rearranging it into a magazine-style layout, it just browses the site. And it does that well.


I’m incredibly excited to let you know that the first ever AppStorm book (in conjunction with Rockable Press) is now available to buy for just $19. iPhone Entrepreneur brings together insight and ideas from experienced iPhone developers and users to help you understand how to approach the development of your own app.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting to think about creating an iPhone app, this book will help you make your next release a real success. Read on to find out more, read a few testimonials, and grab a discount!


Announcement time! I’m incredibly excited to let you know that the first ever AppStorm book (in conjunction with Rockable Press) is coming soon!

If you’ve ever thought about developing an iPhone app (or even if you already have), this book will be a fascinating read. It will provide you with all the knowledge and technique you need to spot a great opportunity, get the most from the App Store, make smart decisions about development, craft a stunning interface, and promote your app successfully.

I’ve conducted a series of interviews with some phenomenally successful iPhone developers that have kindly shared their expertise, and also completed a fascinating survey of over 1,000 iPhone users and developers.

Read on to find out more, and discover how you can sign up in advance for a voucher that will give you 25% off the purchase price when it goes on sale!


“One upon a time …” Well, ok, you wouldn’t start a story like that anymore. You’ll probably have a much more striking idea for the opening which will make the reader of your short story or novel or poem crave to read more. But if the muse strikes you, where do you write it down? What if you don’t happen to have pen and paper or a smartphone with you? Or: how do you write professionally while not at your desk?

With National Novel Writing Month coming up, a 30 day frenzy of writing an entire novel, I took a look at the options the iPad offers us. And even if you’re not ready to lose yourself in NaNoWriMo, some of these writing apps might just fit your needs anyway if you are a serious journal keeper or have other professional writing needs.


Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who filled out our survey. It was incredibly helpful, and will make our book a really interesting read!

I’m pleased to announce that the five winners have been chosen, and have been contacted via email. We can’t post up the names of the winners here, because we didn’t ask you to submit your name when filling out the form!

If you did win, you’ll be receiving an email from us in the next five minutes!

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on our very first AppStorm book, and I need your help!

We are running a two-minute survey relating to how you use the App Store, your iPhone, and why you purchase certain applications over others. All the information we collect will be anonymously analysed and published as part of the book, to help developers make even better apps for your Apple gadgets.

It would be awesome to have the insight of all our readers included, and we’re running a competition to give away a $10 iTunes Gift Vouchers to five lucky participants.

All you need to do to enter is fill out our two-minute survey. You’ll have the opportunity to bag a $10 Gift Voucher, and I would be really grateful to hear what you have to say.

The survey will be open for around a week, but get your submission in soon to be sure that you stand a chance of winning. We’ll update this post when we have made the random draw.

Thanks for reading AppStorm, and best of luck!

I must confess that I don’t have a Kindle or read eBooks on my laptop, but I was thinking the other day about downloading a few eBooks on my iPhone. After a little research, I found myself fairly impressed at the range of options out there!

I’ve put together a roundup that includes ten of the best eBook readers for the platform. Whether you’re wanting to read Kindle books, classic novels, or simply PDFs – there’s something for you.