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As a tech guy, I tend to collect way too much “stuff,” whether it be the latest iPhone case, or some other random tech gadget that I¬†impulsively¬†bought on Kickstarter. My wife is making me get rid of some of the things that I hardly use, and so I started my quest to find a good way to make some cash selling it. I could go the eBay route, but that takes too much time and it is such a hassle for smaller things. I could also use Craigslist, but you just never know what kind of people you will find on there.

Then the other day I got an invite to try out Tangibles, which I forgot I had signed up for a while back. They just launched and I decided to give it a spin to see if it would be worth my time. We did a review of Yard Sale, which is somewhat similar, but I didn’t get many hits there, so I decided to give this one a try to see if I could have more luck getting rid of my stuff. (more…)

When it comes to gift cards, I tend to have a love/hate relationship with them. On the one hand, I love receiving and giving them to others as you can never go wrong with getting gift cards for someone else. On the other hand, I hate having to keep track of all the ones that I do get. I either lose them, or they just sit in my desk collecting dust because I just forget to use them. I have always longed for a better solution.

When Passbook was introduced with iOS 6, I got a little excited, as I thought it would help me solve my gift card problem. But unfortunately, it is still in its infant stage and has some work to do. The good thing about Passbook though, is that there is no shortage of developers that are creating their apps with it in mind. Like the app I am reviewing today, Gyft, looks to solve the gift card dilema with their app and with the help of Passbook. Let me show you what I’m talking about after the break. (more…)