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Conversion apps are ten a penny on the App Store and are one of the most popular types of app available today. Each app that can convert feet to inches will do so in the exact same way, so developers have to come up with other ways of trying to make their app stand out above the rest.

The developers behind Camera+, tap tap tap, have released a significant update to their Convert app which, whilst containing more units of measurement than I ever realised existed, it does so in an easy to navigate way while offering some additional functionality that goes beyond simple conversions and really enhances the app.

Going on vacation is often an expensive event that includes costs from all areas. Add to that the confusion of an additional, perhaps unfamiliar currency and it might be easy for you not to take advantage of the best deal out there.

One place you can be subtly charged a quite significant fee is in currency exchange when buying from a commission-based bureau de change. Currency exchangers make a profit by adjusting exchange rates to guarantee a profit when a transaction takes place. Most of the time however, you won’t notice what is essentially their fee because it’s part of your overall exchange rate, which they take as commission. With each retailer offering a different rate, it can be difficult to deduce which one is offering the best deal with minimal commission.

Currency Exchange Fee Calculator is a very simple, straightforward app that will cross-reference a retailer’s offer with the going market rate to calculate the fee they’re adding on. Let’s find out more after the jump.  (more…)

Have you noticed that your iPad seems to have a few missing apps? For no apparent reason, the iPhone’s default offering is a bit more robust than that of the iPad.

Today we’ll seek to right this wrong by briefly looking at a few apps that you can use to fill the void on your iPad’s home screen. And since you should’ve gotten these apps free with your iPad anyway, we’ll make sure the replacements are free as well!

A few weeks ago, we took a look at the Tapbots family – highlighting the simplicity and design of their applications. Well, the folks at TapBots have been hard at work and recently released the newest member of their family.

Introducing Calcbot, a brilliantly simple and fun calculator “robot” that takes the mindless task of calculation and makes it fun and even easier to do. Let’s take a look at how Calcbot works after the break.


When the App Store first debuted, some of the first apps to make an appearance were those that save you from that one tiny bit of daily math you’re forced to endure: tipping. For whatever reason, developers have since remained enamored with these apps and continue to fill the App Store with them.

Today we’ll set out in search of the best free tip calculator on the market. There are tons to choose from, most of which are horrid, so this will definitely not be an easy task! We’ll start off by looking at a paid app to establish a good feel for what we want, then we’ll look at two free options, each with completely different strengths and weaknesses so you can choose one based on your particular standards.


The ever-present-ness of your iPhone makes it the ideal device for doing impromptu math. Chances are, you just use the built-in calculator for price calculations, etc. But there’s a much better—and more elegant—app for that: Soulver.

We’ll be taking a look at how the application works, sharing a few examples, and outlining how it’s easy to save and revisit calculations at a later date.