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We all know we could be doing more to maintain a healthy diet, and there’s no shortage of diet advice in all forms of media. Whether you make a conscious effort to educate yourself about nutrition or not, many of you have probably absorbed a lot of information, and more or less know the basics of eating healthy. So if we know how to eat well, what’s stopping us? People often blame lack of discipline or motivation for unhealthy eating habits, but the developers of Foodish suggest that simply being more aware of your eating habits will help you improve them. Foodish is the modern version of a food journal, letting you keep track of what you eat visually with the iPhone you already take with you everywhere. Read on to find out if this simple approach to eating well can really keep you on track!

One of the greatest things about the iPhone is that developers have turned it into something that can really change people’s lives in ways that no one saw coming. One specific niche that fits this description is the plethora of utilities that you can use to watch what you eat, stay active and lose weight. Who would’ve thought twenty years ago that a cell phone could ever help you lose weight!?

Today we’re going to take a brief look at ten awesome applications geared specifically towards calorie counting. Many of these tools will not only track what you eat, but the way you live with the ultimate goal of being healthier overall. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get more exercise or even just drink more water, there’s something here for you.