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I was the target audience for The Fast and the Furious when it came out in 2001. I was the member of a car club, I owned a Honda and I had friends who were tuners. We knew some of the owners of the cars in the movie, including the guy who owned the Supra that ended up becoming the hero of the flick. It was an interesting part of my life to be sure.

But today, 12 years later with two kids and a wife, I’m no longer that guy. I’ll watch the F&F movies, but at this point it’s all about entertainment, not wishing I could get my car in the film. So what appeal will Fast & Furious 6 — a game based on the latest installment in the series — do for me? Let’s find out after the jump. (more…)

Paying to park is one of the many things in life that mankind has come to just accept — no one likes doing it, it’s not going away but sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. Even if you don’t need to pay to park, sometimes you end up parking so far away from where you need to be that you spend hours trying to find your car later on.

The app I’m reviewing today doesn’t do away with paid parking, but it does help with many of the annoyances the world of parking can bring us. It also has an extraordinarily sexy UI that will make many look at the app even if they don’t drive. Let’s get into Parkbud after the break. (more…)

There are many racers out there for iOS that all have their own unique mechanics. This, however, is a pretty different one from the bunch. With a top-down view and arcade-style gameplay, this isn’t what you’d expect from a fully-fledged racer.

Mini Motor Racing is a fast-paced frenzy to the finish in small, chubby vehicles that scream cuteness. It has solid visuals, great gameplay and a heck of a load of fun in store. Is it good enough to oppose other similar games like Reckless Getaway? Let’s find out. (more…)

The App Store is chock-full of driving and flying games of every kind. There are games in which you pilot a spaceship, or a Lamborghini, or an F-22 Raptor, and through every imaginable kind of terrain and situation. Despite all these different games, Jet Car Stunts manages to take the basic idea of a driving game and add an impressive new element that makes it radically unique.

As you could probably tell by the title, the added element is that your car has a powerful jet engine mounted on the back. But instead of just using the jet engine as an over complicated speed boost, it also functions to propel you forward when you’re airborne. And flying through the air at remarkable speeds is quite a big part of Jet Car Stunts. (more…)

I’ve been a car guy for a lot longer than I’ve ever owned anything with an Apple logo, and in that time I’ve used a lot of tips and tricks to get my cars functioning the way I want them to. Then the other day, I was thinking about all of the things that I do with my iPhone while I’m in the car (except for texting, of course), and how much it’s improved the driver’s experience.

So I decided to jot a few things down, and next thing I knew I had a pretty big list in front of me. Let’s get into them after the break.


The iPhone is now an established gaming platform, particularly for racing games. But what about the iPad? Does it make sense to hold the large device between your hands and turn it like a steering wheel? Electronic Arts thinks so, and they have two games from the popular Need for Speed franchise that aim to prove a point.

So we figured we’d put both Need for Speed: Shift and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit under the magnifying glass and see if either of them can take the heat.