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The way in which we listen to music in vehicles has changed quite a bit over the past 60 years. For the longest time, radio was the only way of to jam to your favorite tunes, but the invention of the 8-track, cassette and compact disc revolutionized people’s ability to listen to music they wanted to on-demand. Nowadays, the majority of new cars feature an auxiliary port (or USB port) that allows you to connect your iPhone (or other music playing device) so that you can listen to any of the hundreds or thousands of songs you have saved.

However, one of the big dangers of using your iPhone to play music while driving is the distraction it causes by making you focus on your device instead of on the road. To help make it a bit safer to drive and control your tunes at the same time, developer Ryan Oksenhorn created CarTunes, a gesture based music player for your iPhone. Find out more after the jump.

AppStorm does not condone any activity that distracts a driver from the responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle. While CarTunes does aim to make it safer to control your iPhone while driving, it’s important that you always follow state laws when using your cell phone while driving.