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Do you collect wine? Maybe you’re just getting started, stocking a wine cabinet of a few bottles to make sure there’s something on hand for every occasion. Or are you a serious collector with a vast wine cellar and a penchant for older vintages? You might be interested in a new wine app focused on answering the question, “What should I drink now?”

Each wine in your cellar will peak at a certain window of time, and then begin to deteriorate in taste. VNTG helps users keep track of their bottles and filter their inventory by that wine window, as well as several other criteria like grape varietal or style. But is the VNTG app ready to pop the cork, or does it need a little more time to age and mature? Keep reading to find out.


Thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win a copy of Cellar or Barista. With 40 promo codes to give out, you stood a fantastic chance of winning!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve chosen the winners, and your promotional codes will be on the way soon. Read on to find out who the lucky 40 winners are.


Although you may have spent Christmas depleting your wine collection, now is the time to start building it up again. And everyone likes coffee, right? With those two statements in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a handful of promo codes for Barista and Cellar up for grabs.

We recently reviewed both apps, and found them to offer a really useful (and well designed) set of features for coffee and wine lovers.

To enter, all you need to do is follow us on Twitter, and leave a comment with your Twitter username. We have 20 promo codes to give out for each application (40 winners in total!), and the competition will run for one week. Good luck!