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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting TalkRoom. The developer describes TalkRoom as a 7-in-1 instant messenger. TalkRoom is your place to talk with MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo and your ICQ accounts fully supported. Enable push notifications and stay in touch with all your friends 24/7. We put a built-in web browser right into TalkRoom so you can effortlessly browse while you chat.

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For Facebook users it’s easy as pie to keep in touch with your friends. Their official iPhone app was released a little while ago and included support for major bits of functionality. However, chatting wasn’t very easily possible, even in mobile Safari. It seems iPhone users have been stuck without a good Facebook mobile messaging solution.

The new Facebook Messenger app includes everything you would expect in a Facebook messaging client. There is a lot of functionality designed specifically for mobile users which ties into your Facebook account, and it helps keep you in touch with your friends wherever you are! To get started all you’ll need is a Facebook account, some free time and to hit that little More button to read our review.


Ever since I saw a Dick Tracy comic for the first time as a kid I’ve been enamored by the idea of face to face conversations that defy the barrier of distance. Dick’s watch was an amazing feat in communication that allowed him to see and converse with his trusty sidekick from anywhere (for you fans out there, it started as a radio watch but eventually was upgraded to a two-way TV watch).

Other reputable sources such as the Jetson’s spurred on my childhood notion that in the future phone conversations would not be confined to mere audio.