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We’ve talked cheese apps before – remember my review of Fromage? This week I’ve got another recommendation, Ask The Cheesemonger. While Fromage is still an excellent cheese encyclopedia to which you can add your own cheese discoveries, Ask The Cheesemonger gets the gold for superior design as well as being a useful beverage and cheese-pairing tool.

Created by McIntosh & Bowman, an Australian company specializing in cheese tasting events and cheese-making workshops, this app features a database of over 320 cheeses and plenty of educational material to help demystify the vast world of curds and whey. The talented team at Protein One has taken the knowledge of McIntosh & Bowman and packaged it in an attractive, modern design that’s fun for users to explore. Whether you’re a cheese novice or an aficionado, this app has plenty of useful information to guide you in learning more about purchasing, serving and pairing cheeses from around the world.

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Fromage, the French word for cheese, is an encyclopedic reference of cheeses from all over the world. Have you ever been befuddled by a restaurant cheese menu or stared blankly at the massive selection of foreign diary products in a cheese shop? The Fromage app may be a valuable resource. Use it to find substitutions when you’re stuck in a grocery store that doesn’t carry an obscure cheese on your list. Tap into the organizational features to keep track of cheeses in the Try, Buy or Favorites lists.

No need to wait for an Internet connection, simply search by cheese name or scroll through alphabetized categories: Region, Milk Type or Texture. Fast facts, photographs and historical descriptions of each cheese give you the information to make quick decisions in retail and restaurant situations. But don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself after the break.  (more…)