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When I first came across a new app PEOPLE CelebFood by Time Inc., the publishers of PEOPLE magazine, I was skeptical. This magazine is famous for paparazzi photos of celebrities and red carpet faux pas. If I want to know what’s happening with Brangelina, I consult PEOPLE. If I need an update on Kanye and Kim’s baby, I consult PEOPLE. If I’m looking for cooking inspiration, I consult PEOPLE?

I’m not a regular reader of the magazine, more of a closet reader — I’ll peruse the celebrity news during a pedicure or waiting in the doctor’s office. PEOPLE magazine is a guilty pleasure, just like a decadent slice of chocolate cake or cream laden fettuccine Alfredo. Maybe I judged too soon, maybe PEOPLE magazine and food are the perfect combination?

Keep reading to find out.


What’s the first thing you do when planning to travel? I reach out to any friends who might have a restaurant recommendation for the area I’m planning to visit. Usually I end up with a folder full of emails with lengthy lists of restaurant recommendations and never end up visiting them. I’m short on time and it’s just not convenient to research every place and locate it on a map. Or I visit a recommended restaurant and it ends up being a dud. Where Chefs Eat seeks to solve both problems by creating a restaurant guide using the most trustworthy source — chefs — and utilizing interactive mapping to get you there.

The app pulls recommendations for 2000 restaurants in 60 countries from over 400 of the world’s elite chefs. It’s not a definitive list of the world’s best restaurants, rather, a list of the best places to eat, whether it’s a midnight snack or a greasy spoon breakfast, a bargain meal or a special occasion. Today’s chef is a world traveler who visits other restaurants for inspiration. Phaidon Press has tapped into this invaluable resource to bring you an interactive guide that’s easily to access on the go.

Are delicious meals essential to your travel experience? If so, keep reading to learn more about Where Chefs Eat. (more…)

Good knife skills are the foundation of preparing food. Without a sharp knife and the knowledge to use it, you won’t get very far in the kitchen. These roadblocks keep you from trying new recipes and limit your options at the grocery store. Kitchen Knife Skills is an instructional app that empowers users to master the knife and become more self-reliant, adventurous home cooks.

Using proper knife skills is not just about chopping ingredients; it’s about becoming more safe, thrifty and efficient in the kitchen. Learning the correct way to cut up an apple reduces waste. Once you’ve mastered basic knife skills you can throw out the gadgets clogging up your kitchen drawers — no need for a garlic press, apple corer or fancy mango and avocado slicers. You’ll be more adventurous, trying exotic ingredients you may have been intimidated to tackle in the past (ginger, pineapple, lobster, whole fish). Kitchen Knife Skills has everything you need to learn: knowledgeable instructors, step-by-step video demonstrations, clever tips and a knife-buying guide.

Don’t let lacking knife skills hold you back in the kitchen, keep reading to learn more about this useful resource for home cooks. (more…)

Sara Moulton is a mainstay of food television. After years on the Food Network, she can now be seen on Public Television continuing to do what she does best: teach the craft of preparing a meal to home cooks. Sara has the training of a professional restaurant chef, and she uses this strong knowledge base to help home cooks prepare delicious meals for their families every day. With the Sara at your side there’s no need to feel intimidated by ingredients like duck, seafood or unfamiliar produce. Sara’s Kitchen provides simple recipes and instructional videos to guide you.

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