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I’m really fond of coffee shops. Maybe I’m a closet hipster or something, but I find they really help me work. Throughout my university years, I lived right in a downtown area and would frequent one of the five or six coffee shops within a block of each other nearly every day. Sometimes I made the trek across town for a coffee/Scotch bar to work at. I love the background noise and I love the city atmosphere they provided, plus there’s some science that says working in new places helps you get work done, as does background chatter. I’m most at peace in a big city.

Since moving back home after school though, I’ve really missed that city atmosphere. I live in a smaller area now, and there are very few good coffee shops — and they’re all inconveniently located. I spend most days working in my home office, which can be a bit of a dreary and quiet existence. So I was thrilled when I discovered Coffitivity, an app that brings the background noise of the coffee shop back into my daily life. Read on to learn more. (more…)