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There’s an innate struggle when you’re a collector of anything to not appear like a crazy person. I know a gentleman who collects bicycles. He has eighteen in his garage at last count. I collect films and am slowly getting into the world of book collection. That being said, it’s difficult to explain to somebody that I purchased somewhere north of 200 Blu-rays in 2010 without getting funny glances (I have slowed down considerably, so I appear normal now).

Beyond the societal implications of our neuroses as collectors, cataloguing our possessions becomes something of a hobby. One friend and fellow film collector keeps four Excel spreadsheets of what he owns, each documenting different aspects of his collection. That’s a level of precision I think most collectors aspire to be; a certain craziness that few people other than those with the itch want to scratch. For movie collectors, there are a lot of apps that offer this functionality on iPhone, and few do it well. Book collectors have many options, but the only real choice they have is The Bookcase. (more…)