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My wife and I have been talking about her making a career change, and that necessitates her going back to school. Back when I went to school, the smartphone wasn’t even invented, much less a tool for getting anything done. Today, AppStorm reviews apps all the time that are designed for helping out with homework and assignments, and that means that she could use her iPhone for school. Sounds great, right?

But what about you? If you go to school, do you use your iPhone for keeping track of your homework or anything else? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Just over a year ago now, I wrote an article entitled 25 Superb Mac Apps for College Students on Mac.AppStorm detailing the best Mac apps to grab to help you with your studies. As a college student myself in the third year of an Economics with German degree, deciphering all those apps in the Store and trying to figure out which ones are useful for my studies was an absolute minefield.

So, without further ado (and in no particular order), here are my personal top 25 applications for college students with iPhones. As with my previous article, I have tried to keep this list relevant to any major and, in order to save on costs, I have tried to include free software wherever I can! (more…)

I’m a university student and, as any other student would tell you, it’s nice to know where exactly you stand in a particular course. Understanding what grade you’re currently at and what you need to do to succeed can be incredibly useful. Today’s app will do just that!

While Grades would improve with a bit of polishing, I think you’ll find it fills a particular niche remarkably well. Read on to see what I thought of it, and how it can help you come through your college or university course successfully.