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I, like many adults, used to collect comics. I owned dozens of long boxes, filled to the brim with various copies of X-MenSpider-Man and Detective. But I eventually traded comic books for cars, and shortly thereafter my collection went away, sold to a man for pennies on the dollar.

Three years ago, I started collecting again. But I didn’t end up in a dusty comic book shop that smelled of vanilla and shame, but instead from the comfort of my living room using the many popular iPad apps built by Comixology. And recently, the game changed again with Marvel Unlimited. But the shape of the online comic book landscape still isn’t that bright. How so? Let’s find out.

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When I was young, I used to take a city bus from my school so that I could go to the comic book store every Friday and pick up my regular issues. Following the monthly adventures of my favorite characters — many from the DC Comics universe — was my life back then, and a very enjoyable part of my childhood.

It’s been a long time since those days on the Phoenix Metro, and now I’m an adult with a family to support and all the responsibilities that come with it. But when I want to get my comic book fix, and the Comixology lineup on my iPad just isn’t cutting it, I turn to Injustice: Gods Among Us. (more…)

If there’s one thing that can be said of gamers it’s that they love to do a little world-saving every now and then. The thrill of a life-in-the-balance adventure is enough to get the heart pounding and the instincts on edge.

Verticus delivers on both sensations, pushing the player’s reaction times to their limits and almost daring them to stay calm as the hero plummets to the Earth’s core.

Can this free-falling adrenaline rush push players to the peak of excitement and performance? Find out — appropriately — after the jump. (more…)

Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man hit theaters in July, becoming the second movie this summer from the House of Ideas (the first being The Avengers). Whenever Spider-Man gets a flick, a game is guaranteed. In this case it’s the film’s eponymous release from Gameloft.

Peter Parker’s alter ego has been featured in video games since the 1970s. In the digital world, he’s probably faced his entire rogues gallery. He’s also been playable in every beat-‘em-up, fighting, role-playing and side-scrolling fashion imaginable. But The Amazing Spider-Man is where fans get the Spidey who does all of those ⎯ and has been missing from other adaptations. Let’s find out more after the jump. (more…)

Some of you may remember 1992. It was a more whimsical time when arcades were still around (although not heavily used) and consoles ruled the gaming world. Back then, I was a comic book collector and one of my favorite titles was The Uncanny X-Men, a Marvel brand that’s since been turned into movies, TV shows and everything in between.

In those times we all were waiting anxiously for an X-Men video game to show up on the consoles or in the arcades, and finally it was here. X-Men became a big hit in my town, and I remember spending many an hour slapping joysticks trying to go further and further in the game. But now that it’s available for the iPhone, is it worth the purchase? Does it stand up to the test of time? Let’s find out.


The App Store is full of games trying to capitalize on a current trend, so when I first heard about Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for the iPhone, I was a bit skeptical. Most companies have a hard enough time getting a movie adaptation to work as a console game. Is it possible they could make magic for the iPhone?

To find out, I decided to play the game and give it a fair shake. Was it worth it? Let’s find out together after the jump.


It’s a battle that’s raged for decades: Marvel Comics versus DC Comics. Who has the better heroes and villians? Could Batman take on Iron Man and win? Who’s better: Superman or Thor? Well we don’t have the answers to those big questions, but we do have a way for you to find out.

Both Marvel and DC have iPad and iPhone apps available on iTunes right now, both with different experiences – even though they’re produced by the same company. So out of the two, which one do you get? Is there one app better than the other? Follow along, true believer, and find out for yourself.


Since the Golden Age, comic books have been a form of art-entertainment that have captured our youth; today, that is even more true as the comic book enters the digital age, and what better companion is there to help it along than the iPhone? Just like iBooks reinvented book-reading for iPhone, Panelfly hopes to do the same for comic books. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Keep reading after the fold to find out how you can get your favorite classic and modern comics on your iPhone or iPod touch, and devour them in ways you never thought possible on a touch-screen.