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Since it was mentioned on the Today Show in October, Yummly has been in the spotlight as an app to watch. I’m always skeptical about crowd-sourced recipe apps, but this one got my attention with its smart search capabilities. Yummly connects users with a vast amount of recipes from sites across the web, but what’s more, the app learns your tastes as you use it, providing you with more personalized search results over time.

Is Yummly the most powerful recipe app on the planet, or just another average recipe app? Keep reading to find out.


Boys’ night in — it’s about getting together with your friends for a little fun, food and drink. Are you thinking of hosting the next boys’ night in, but need a little inspiration? Maybe your friends are tired of the same old, same old every Friday night? It’s time to shake things up with a little help from your iPhone.

Fall and winter are the best times of year for boys’ nights in, so turn on the big game, dust off the poker table and stock up the bar. I’ve selected 4 great iPhone apps to make your next manly gathering the best ever. Themed parties are a great way to make a night in more fun and these apps have enough material to inspire a whole year’s worth of boys’ nights in.

Bond with your friends as you learn to make your own bacon, stock the bar and see who’s the cocktail master and compare knife skills Top Chef style with a chili club. This time of year craft breweries release their seasonal beers, so why not have your friends over for a beer tasting?

Keep reading to find 4 essential apps for entertaining your friends at home.


A month ago I announced Cookbooth, the app for creating step-by-step photo recipes, was going to revolutionize recipe sharing. You may remember that I was excited — actually head over heels gaga for this little app. You see, I had become jaded, and nothing in the App Store was doing it for me. The iPhone app market seemed stagnant; lacking innovation. Now I realize it was just the calm before the storm.

As Yoda said to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, “There is another.” Nonapkin, released in September on the heels of Cookbooth, is another social app for creating step-by-step photo recipes. Now I believe we’re looking at a new trend. Developers have jumped on the next big leap for recipe apps, and I think we’ll be seeing more players in this arena going into 2014. As with any new platform, the cream rises to the top. In time, we will see which apps offer the best user experience, functionality and social interaction.

After my glowing review of Cookbooth, Nonapkin has a lot to live up to. How does this app measure up to the current standard? Keep reading to find out.


If you love sharing photos of your meals on Instagram, you need to know about Burpple: a social food guide for sharing your favorite meals. Foodies like you feel passionate about their dining experiences and want to help others by giving recommendations and championing their favorite restaurants. Looking at photos of beautifully plated food leaves you feeling inspired and excited to get in the kitchen and try new things. Burpple’s mission is to connect the world through our one common language: food. If you’re interested in taking that passion for Instagram a step further by joining a community of passionate foodies, keep reading to learn more about this budding social network. (more…)

It’s that time of year—back to school! I used to love starting a new school year every autumn because it meant new clothes, reconnecting with old friends and a fresh start. A lot of people mourn the end of summer, though, so luckily my latest app pick will satisfy everyone by inspiring vibrant, delicious packed lunches to provide brain fuel for the whole day. Foodie Recipes releases a new cookbook each month and their latest theme is Back to School: 40 Ideas for School Lunches.

Whether it’s time to send your own kids back to school or you’d like some ideas to liven up your own workday lunch, this carefully chosen collection of recipes from popular food bloggers is guaranteed to inspire. Did I mention the app (and every new edition) is free? (more…)

Summer is here and swimsuit season is upon us. Whether you’re ramping up for a detox diet or just looking for healthy recipes that taste delicious, you’ll find plenty of inspiring recipes in Everyday Raw Detox. Based on a book by award winning raw food chefs, Matthew Kenney and Meredith Baird, this app is a unique approach to the raw food lifestyle. Recipes aim to detoxify the body one meal at a time, and there is plenty of guidance for raw food newbies.

Keep reading to learn the true meaning of detox and how to get just as much pleasure from healthy meals as you do from a bag of potato chips. (more…)

Good knife skills are the foundation of preparing food. Without a sharp knife and the knowledge to use it, you won’t get very far in the kitchen. These roadblocks keep you from trying new recipes and limit your options at the grocery store. Kitchen Knife Skills is an instructional app that empowers users to master the knife and become more self-reliant, adventurous home cooks.

Using proper knife skills is not just about chopping ingredients; it’s about becoming more safe, thrifty and efficient in the kitchen. Learning the correct way to cut up an apple reduces waste. Once you’ve mastered basic knife skills you can throw out the gadgets clogging up your kitchen drawers — no need for a garlic press, apple corer or fancy mango and avocado slicers. You’ll be more adventurous, trying exotic ingredients you may have been intimidated to tackle in the past (ginger, pineapple, lobster, whole fish). Kitchen Knife Skills has everything you need to learn: knowledgeable instructors, step-by-step video demonstrations, clever tips and a knife-buying guide.

Don’t let lacking knife skills hold you back in the kitchen, keep reading to learn more about this useful resource for home cooks. (more…)

We’ve all been there: halfway through cooking a recipe and you realize you don’t have an ingredient on the list. You’ve got no time to go to the store and are kicking yourself for forgetting something so simple — like the eggs for your banana bread. Don’t let this happen to you. With the Substitutions app by Gormaya, you’ve always got an answer for kitchen conundrums like, “How can I make buttermilk in a pinch?” What would have been a disaster is now just a tiny bump on the road.

Gormaya is the creator of several handy apps for cooks, including a few different recipe timer apps and Conversions for Cooking. Their straightforward style and simple design is immediately recognizable and easy to use. I was surprised and delighted to find such a wide array of ingredients with practical suggestions for replacements in Substitutions. It’s as if you’ve got an authoritative chef at your side offering helpful tips, not a random computer generated answer.

To learn more about this handy pocket-guide to food substitutions, keep reading. (more…)

Sara Moulton is a mainstay of food television. After years on the Food Network, she can now be seen on Public Television continuing to do what she does best: teach the craft of preparing a meal to home cooks. Sara has the training of a professional restaurant chef, and she uses this strong knowledge base to help home cooks prepare delicious meals for their families every day. With the Sara at your side there’s no need to feel intimidated by ingredients like duck, seafood or unfamiliar produce. Sara’s Kitchen provides simple recipes and instructional videos to guide you.

If you’re interested in transforming everyday meals from boring to gourmet, keep reading. (more…)

Chef and best-selling cookbook author, Yotam Ottolenghi is famous for bringing together Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, creating vibrant, colorful recipes that are modern and fresh. It all started with his wildly popular eponymous London food shops and expanded to a weekly column in The Guardian, a TV show and cookbooks like Plenty and Jerusalem. If you’re into food, you need to know about this chef.

Ottolenghi’s cuisine crosses borders and breaks down barriers. When his book was published in the U.S., the combination of sumptuous food photography, exotic seasonings and farm fresh produce fit in with the farm to table movement, becoming an instant hit. No wonder Ottolenghi Recipes was named the No. 1 Food & Drink App in the United Kingdom — like everything Ottolenghi, it’s modern, fresh and original. The creators put a lot of effort into developing an app that’s beautifully designed and highly functional. Ottolenghi Recipes stands head and shoulders above the rest in this respect.

If you’re interested in expanding your palate with a collection of flavorful recipes influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, keep reading. (more…)

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