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When I take a look at website creation and how far we have come, I get excited for what is still on the horizon. One, they are getting much easier to create, and two, companies are starting to add more features for us to use. A big part of what I love about making a website or a blog is to be able to start from scratch and go through the process of mapping out what the site should be like, what features we want, and adding cool things that will help it stand out. But, there are other times, when I just want to throw up a simple site that maybe has pictures I took of an event or a trip that we went on. I just love how I can do both and how easy this process has become.

As we progress in our technology, one thing I am starting to see is website creation on the iPhone. This only make sense, as with more mobile technology getting introduced it is only natural to want to tap into this space. For example, there’s Webr;┬átheir whole premise is that you can create a fairly complete website using your iPhone. The thought of being able to do this from a small mobile device is intriguing, but will it satisfy the masses? Well let’s find out after the break. (more…)