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Games are defined, in part, by the rules and constraints within which you must play. As a result, there are very few games that give you a notably wide range of creative freedom, and even fewer that allow you that range of freedom to complete specific, game-defined goals.

Scribblenauts is a game where your imagination is your most powerful asset in solving puzzles and advancing through the game. The premise of this Nintendo DS original game is simple: to solve the puzzle that you’re faced with, simply “scribble” whatever you can think up that might help you solve the puzzle. The iOS release is called Scribblenauts Remix, and contains levels from both Nintendo DS titles, as well as some iOS specific levels.


A fancy new iPad is the perfect travel companion for any designer. The richness of the large multi-touch screen makes for some incredibly useful and fun apps that can really drive your creativity.

Below we’ll look at 30 different apps spanning several categories that can help designers and creatives out with everything from jotting down notes and wireframing to staying on task.