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Smartphones are tailor-made for the task of field service management and tracking. The dawn of iPhone apps for field service management has opened up new possibilities for tracking field workers and make it easier to manage teams from the office.

Field technicians obviously need to be mobile in order to do their job but managing teams outside of the workplace can still be tricky. Managers need to be careful to not cross the line between smothering them and giving them the freedom to get their jobs done effectively for your company.

There are a growing number of Field Service Management apps for iPhone that service and repair-based businesses can use to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their offsite technicians. Most offer a lot more too such as CRM features, invoicing, and integration with accounting apps such as QuickBooks.

Businesses that use field service management apps for iPhone are able to achieve better on-time records, deliver better services and most importantly, get more word of mouth referrals and positive reviews from satisfied customers.

So we’ve hand-picked some of the best iPhone apps for field service management to help you manage your mobile workforce. All of them are free to download but require a subscription to the field service management SaaS service in order to actually use them.


Having constant control of your customers’ details is essential in a fast-paced business world. This control makes it easy to work on the go and can be effectively achieved through the use of an iPhone CRM solution.

In this article I’ve picked out seven of the best CRM apps for iPhone. These applications are all based around cloud CRM software and are designed to help you to manage customer data, collaborate with your team, and improve your interactions with customers and potential customers over time.

Read on to find out more!


Highrise CRM is a simple and flexible CRM and contact management tool that helps keep you and your team organized. Highrise is all about collaboration whether its on contacts, emails, notes and many more different ways of working together. For instance, you can share an address book with your entire company or integrate it with other business tools your company uses such as Xero, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, and many others. Highrise is more than a just a CRM though, and it also features a help desk, group email client, and company address book all in one.

The Highrise CRM iPhone app is a very easy to follow CRM which provides a limited set of basic contact management features. The app is built with simplicity in mind and isn’t as complicated as the desktop version but retains the most essential functions.


Pipedrive is a powerful sales application which helps you to keep track of your sales pipelines on the move. It is a sales CRM for small sales teams and businesses that’s designed to help you manage deals more efficiently and give you more control over your sales results.

Pipedrive for iOS allows you to access all of your contacts, deal history, to-do lists and meeting notes that are in the web app wherever you are, and all changes are instantly synced. There’s offline syncing if you’re going to be traveling for a while without access to WiFi or a data plan. Pipedrive aims to manage all aspects of your business including to-do lists, contacts, phone calls and an agenda of activities with potential clients.

Like the web app, Pipedrive also allows you to look up customer and deal details wherever you are, access files related to your contacts and deals, and record or type meeting and call notes.


One thing about making lots of contacts at events, conferences and exhibitions is that you inevitably end up with lots of business cards. The question is, what to do with them? FullContact Card Reader is a clever way of dealing with the problem by allowing you to scan cards into your iPhone and have them transcribed.

It can automatically import them into your iPhone, CRM or other app contacts so that you have  their details at your fingertips at any time. FullContact Card Reader automatically scans business cards into your iPhone contacts, Salesforce leads and, over 250 other apps, such as Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, and MailChimp. Accuracy is particularly good compared to similar products because FullContact Card Reader actually uses a team of real people to then transcribe the cards into contact information that you can then import into your iPhone.


WORK[etc], (full name WORK[etc] CRM + Projects + Help Desk), is a holistic approach to small business management which, as the elongated name suggests, manages to stuff a lot into a one package.

WORK[etc] integrates CRM with project management, billing, customer support, and more in an attempt to create an all-in-one business management platform. The obvious advantage of WORK[etc] is that it brings all major business needs under one umbrella and so there’s need to contract third-party services for the essential aspects of running your business.

According the the developer, 1,200 businesses already use WORK[etc] to satisfy their small business needs including CRM, project management, billing, help desk support, reporting, and collaboration.