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When iOS5 was first announced at WWDC back in June, many iPhone enthusiasts began clamoring over new features like the revamped notification system, PC free functionality and iMessage. On the other hand, I was more excited about a small, but significant feature: the ability to set custom alert tones.

As a former Android owner, the ability to customize my phone down to every last detail was something I knew I would miss when making the switch back to the iPhone. The worst part though, was having to choose from a short and rather pathetic list of built-in custom tones; the end result being every iPhone owner using “Tri-Tone” for all their notifications.

Now that iOS5 has given iPhone users the ability to choose the manner is which they receive text, email and other notifications, the next challenge for said users is finding and installing their desired alert tones. Join us after the jump and we’ll show you how to do just that.