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There are a lot of daily deals subscription sites (more than I know I can manage), and keeping up with all of those coupons hitting your inbox can leave you feeling pressured to scoop up that bargain even if you’re not sure when, or really if, you’re going to use it. You probably know if you’re getting a haircut or going on vacation in a few weeks, so buying those sorts of deals in advance may seem like an easier commitment to make.

But what are you and your friends going to feel like eating after the movie on Friday and where are you going to want to have brunch on Sunday morning? You haven’t locked those choices in when you buy that Groupon on Monday; these are decisions you’re going to make on the fly, and BiteHunter is there to the rescue. You don’t know you’ll want gyros Saturday afternoon or even where to look for a deal at a Greek restaurant, but BiteHunter does and puts all that and pizza, sushi, and more on your phone. (more…)