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There’s no doubt that the iPhone serves as a general-purpose tool, allowing you to customize it to the way that you like it by adding different apps for different purposes. There are two different kinds of apps: those that do one thing well, and those that try to do many different things within one application.

Is one way better than the other? That’s what I would like to explore with you today.


Web designers and digital illustrators are growing in numbers around the planet. And now with websites and mobile apps in heavy demand, it’s common to see so many new social networks focused on design rising into power. Website Dribbble is a product out of Salem, Mass. and features some very outstanding portfolios.

Each person is able to share a shot of their most recent works. These could be logos, icons, illustrations, signup forms, or anything digital and pretty. With Dunk, you’ll be able to browse the latest Dribbble shots from anywhere with your iPhone or iPod Touch. But before we get too into too much detail, let’s look at some of the application features after the jump.


It’s the big day, and soon you’ll be moving into a new house. It’s got more square footage, a mammoth master bathroom and more storage than you can use. But before you move into that sweet new pad, you’ve got to figure out where your furniture is going to fit, and how. Going around the place and making a floor plan with a tape measure and a pad of paper is tedious though. If only there was a better option.

And yes, there is. Well, that’s what MagicPlan is here for, anyways. Using just your iPhone’s camera, you can map out your entire place, and create a final floor plan, all in the palm of your hand. But is it any good? Let’s take a few minutes and find out, shall we?


Web design is a big profession, but some iPhone owners might not have the skills to develop nor the budget to hire a designer. Luckily, blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr come with their own collections of themes for your free use. Theme design is a big business too and they have become very functional due to the massive number of features available in platforms like WordPress.

However, all those additional functions come with an added complexity and that might not be suited to everyone’s tastes. Maybe you just want to setup a quick blog to share some photos from your trip, or perhaps you just wanted to post links to some interesting articles you’ve found on your ventures around the internet.

Zapd might be the perfect solution! Zapd is a very simple website builder based entirely within a iPhone application. If you like Tumblr, you might just love Zapd.

Certain categories in the App Store stand out not only for their functionality but for the beautiful design trends that you tend to see within them. Custom ringtone apps are definitely just such a category and several of these apps have absolutely gorgeous interfaces.

Though there are tons and tons of ringtone makers available, today we’re focusing only on the top tier of attractively-designed applications. Each of these apps comes in at less than a buck and all offer their own spin on giving you the ability to build custom ringtones from the music on your phone or even audio that you record yourself.


Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Bord. The developer describes Bord as an app that turns your iPad or iPhone into a beautiful and unique chalkboard simulator. Bord is designed for children and parents who wants to use iPad or iPhone as an educational device. You can work with your child wherever you want. You can teach your child letters, numbers, shapes – everything without leaving a chalk dust trail.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


In addition to being the Editor here at iPhone.AppStorm, I’m also a graphic designer. This means that I’m generally a bit over-obsessive about aesthetics.

One place where this obsession pops up on a daily basis is my app selection. When I’m searching around for an app in the App Store, my first criteria tends to be the design of the icon. I know this is shallow and I’ve seen it lead to complete ignorance of some really great apps, but I almost can’t help it! There’s just no way I can bring myself to click on all the apps with ugly icons, much less download them and display them on my iPhone.

Today we want to know if you share this visual standard. Do you judge an app by its icon? Leave your vote on the right and then let us know about some of your favorite icon designs in the comments below. Some of mine are Evernote, Wikipanion, CSS3Machine and FLUD.

Not everyone of us is an artist with the skill to create amazing graphical art. Still, we’d like to be able to create a nice poster or card once in a while for our club, a party or a music event – without having to read a book about design first. Luckily for us iPhone and iPad owners, Phoster can help out. Read on to learn how to create stunningly stylish posters within minutes that will let you and your cause shine.


Freelancers are constantly on the move. Not being tied to a specific office often leads to working anywhere we have an Internet connection. What better way to manage your freelance business on the move than with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

Below you’ll find over 90 apps that will empower you as a freelancer to get more done when you’re away from your computer. Whether you’re a designer, writer, consultant or anything else, you’ll find tons of helpful tools.


Today we’re going to look at one of the most powerful vector illustration applications you’ll find on the App Store: iDraw. This excellent app goes well beyond providing you with a few simple brushes and gives you the power to create professional quality artwork on your iPad using many of the same tools you’re used to on a desktop computer.

We’ll go over why it’s different than the other drawing apps you’ve seen and dive into the rich feature set so you can get the full story before you decide whether or not to make the purchase.


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