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We’re proud to announce that our close cousin, MobileTuts has just launched an awesome new series on designing for the iPhone.

Here’s a brief description of the series:

“Are you a web designer, excited by the idea of designing iPhone apps, but unsure of how to get started? Or perhaps you’ve designed a couple of apps, but are looking to boost your skills with some fundamental knowledge of why we make certain design decisions for mobile? This series is for both novice and intermediate-level designers who want to make a big splash in the mobile design space!”


Learn how to design beautiful and usable mobile interfaces for iOS

The topics you can look forward to in this series include both hands-on techniques and examples as well as mobile related design theory. The following is a line-up of what we will cover over the course of this series:

  • Designing for the iPhone Audience and the App Store
  • How to Use iPhone and iPad Design Templates
  • Designing Apps that Use All Available iPhone Functionality
  • How to Design for the Different Types of iPhone Apps
  • The Mobile Design Process
  • The Pros and Cons of Using Apple Default vs. Custom Graphics
  • Understanding Your App’s Target Audience
  • Icon Design Tips for iPhone and iPad
  • iPhone Mockup Tools and the Wireframing Process
  • Creating Screenshots and Icons for iTunes

So jump on over to MobileTuts and get started the road to becoming a rockstar iPhone designer!

The iPhone ushered in an era of beautiful interface design unlike anything we’d ever seen on a mobile device. This trend is now being revived and pushed further than ever on the iPad’s larger screen and the results are amazing.

We’ve combed through the App Store to bring you 30 iPad apps with gorgeous interfaces. Keep in mind that the screenshots rarely do the apps justice and that you really should try a few out for yourself.


Have you ever been in that place- probably the living room sofa- where you’re just in the mood for some creative appetizers but all you’ve got is an iPad and some Doritos? If only there were a way to browse through some of the latest project samples from literally thousands of creatives from across the globe.

Well, you’re in luck! Dribbbits (yes, there really are 3 b’s) is an application designed for the iPad to provide a clean, easy, and fast way to do just that. Utilizing the online Dribbble community, Dribbbits brings “120,000 pixels or less” snapshots of designer’s work directly to you with style. Note: If you’re not already familiar with Dribbbles, head on over to their “about” page for more information.


In the past, we took a look at some of the best iPhone app interface designs. Since then, more and more applications are coming out that continue to impress us. This certainly isn’t an end all list. There are plenty of gorgeous apps out there and no way to cover them all!

You may even seen some apps we’ve covered in the past, but with the App Store constantly growing and changing, software is constantly being updated and their interfaces improved. Here’s a look at some of the sexiest iPhone apps out there!


Got an iPhone but no new wallpapers to put on it? Fret not, because here are a few taken from all over the net! This roundup features some of the trendiest wallpapers to make your iPhone background slick and snazzy. You will ooh and ahh as you go through these outstanding wallpapers.


The general verdict seems to be that Apple have hit a home run with the launch of the iPad. Selling 700,000 on launch day is no mean feat, and a number of stunning applications are beginning to spring up on the App Store.

If you’re one of the lucky million to already have Apple’s latest gadget, this roundup of useful iPad applications should offer a few great additions to your device. If you don’t have an iPad yet, you’ll at least know what to expect when you do get your hands on one!


If any aspect of your job involves design, get ready to install a few new iPhone applications. In this bumper roundup we will be taking an in-depth look at fifty apps for web designers. They fall into categories including FTP and Storage, Colors and Design, Fonts and Typography, Coding, Site Analytics, and various others.

While most of the apps are free, a few will require that you fork over a couple of dollars. Even if you’re not into web design, there are some really useful apps mentioned below that may be of interest to you. Here we go!


With over 100,000+ apps in the App Store, and the numbers growing fast, it’s much harder to make an impact on iPhone users in the iTunes store. Some mobile designers are spending more time designing high quality looking applications to create buzz and get recognition for their work.

Here is a list of 30 apps that are well-designed and worth their purchase from their exceptional design skills and zealous attention to detail. If you love good design, beware – you may end up spending a few dollars if you read on!


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