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For those of you who are serial diarists or are always toting around a notebook in which to scribble all your genius ideas, memories or musings, why not combine your love of writing with your love for your iPhone?

Here are 50 journal and diary apps, all of them as unique as the people who will inevitably use them. Most of these apps are designed to let you document your innermost thoughts, but we’ve thrown in some scheduling apps for business that help you manage your day-to-day working life as well.

Now whether that’s through text, photos, videos, audio recordings, music or sketches, well, that’s up to you. And up to which app you choose. Hit the jump now to find the perfect one.


When it comes to journalling on your iOS device, I’ve long been a proponent of Day One, an app that I fondly enjoyed and ended up reviewing in November upon its iOS 7 update. To date, it is one of my most-used iPhone apps and remains on my home screen. It’s where I put all my private thoughts, dreams, and insecurities. So is there really room for another diary app in my life?

Well, as it turns out, yes. Narrato Journal is a journalling app that’s all about tracking your social life. It’s more of an automated diary. Since Day One doesn’t step on its toes, I’m finding the two apps live in a weird place of synchronicity. But the question remains: is Narrato worth your time? Read on to find out the answer. (more…)

Once in a while, an app comes along that’s so good at what it does that it’s hard to believe its low price. These apps become essentials, favourites, apps we use nearly every day to document the things that matter. For me, Day One is one of those apps. It’s an iPhone app that’s as important to me as the built-in camera, one that changes the way I live and gives me some much-needed time for reflection every day. It’s an app that has changed the way I live my life.

I was so excited to give the iOS 7 update to Day One a shot and see what the team has brought to the app. I wasn’t disappointed. Read on to find out what makes Day One such a winner, and how it changes the way we look at making journals.


Like many people, I’ve been saying for a while that iOS 7 really opens up the floodgates for old app categories to be reinvigorated with smartly-designed new contenders. That being said, I hadn’t really thought about the diary app. I’m a huge fan of Day One, but see opportunities for other apps to do something really unique.

This is one of the reasons I immediately signed up for the queue to get access to Memoir, a really unique diary and memories app that’s at once private and incredibly social. This is a diary app built on social networks you already use, and it’s got some cool tricks up its sleeves. Read on to find out whether or not Memoir is worth investing in. (more…)

We all know we could be doing more to maintain a healthy diet, and there’s no shortage of diet advice in all forms of media. Whether you make a conscious effort to educate yourself about nutrition or not, many of you have probably absorbed a lot of information, and more or less know the basics of eating healthy. So if we know how to eat well, what’s stopping us? People often blame lack of discipline or motivation for unhealthy eating habits, but the developers of Foodish suggest that simply being more aware of your eating habits will help you improve them. Foodish is the modern version of a food journal, letting you keep track of what you eat visually with the iPhone you already take with you everywhere. Read on to find out if this simple approach to eating well can really keep you on track!

Keeping a journal is something that everybody should do. It gives you something to read and go back in time, reminding you of people and events that you might have forgotten about. It’s a great way to record your experiences on paper (or computer) so that you can keep them for posteriority.

The thing is, with all the new technology that we have, who has time for keeping up with a physical journal? Well, today we’re presenting to you Day One, an app that can help you keep a journal while you are on the go and at your desk. Interested? Read on to find out more about it!


How do you currently keep track of your daily thoughts and events going on right now in your life? If you read our last review of Momento, you probably already downloaded this application and are currently using it. If you are, or the idea of a digital diary sounds interesting, you’re going to want to download Momento 2.0.

Momento 2 adds several key features that were missing from the first version of the application, such as Retina Display support, even more feeds to import data from, landscape support, and backup/restoring your data. All these features and more were just added to Momento, which is now updated on the iTunes App Store.

Have you ever wished to bridge the gap between technology and your personal life on the iPhone? Now you can with a new app called Momento. Momento, from D3i, is an app that acts a “digital diary,” if you will. It stores everything from journal entries to Flickr photos into a timeline that is fully searchable based on tagged people, places or custom tags. Momento lets you add photos to your entries as well, making for a nice, media-rich diary.

On top of keeping record of diary entries or “moments,” as the app calls them, Momento integrates itself with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and to create a content-rich timeline. Let’s dive in and check out all the features this great app has to offer and how to take advantage of them.