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There are two types of chefs in this world: TV chefs and those who actually work the line, sweating over the salamander and carefully plating works of art for your eight course tasting menu. This means there are also two types of foodies in this world: those who watch Food Network and those who watch Top Chef. The Top Chef foodies hate to be called foodies, thrive on knowing the best place to get ramen at midnight and save a week’s wages to make the pilgrimage to mecca restaurants like The French Laundry.

Do you live to be on top of the latest food innovations before they become trends? Do you keep a bucket list of restaurants to experience before you die? Do you put your money where your mouth is and actually seek out hole in the wall eateries, waiting in line at places that don’t take reservations? If the answer is yes then meet your new best friend, Chefs Feed, the app that lets you follow your favorite chefs across the world and see where they love to eat.

Don’t waste any more time missing out on the hidden gems you’re favorite chefs frequent, keep reading to learn more about this app for serious food lovers.