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As desktop computer sales continue to decline, it’s evident that mobile devices are the future of personal computing. In fact, many individuals use iPhones as their main computing device, while others will trade back and forth between iPhones and iPads. With this shift away from desktop computing, printing from mobile devices can become rather cumbersome. If your printer supports AirPrint then you’re covered, but the list of non-AirPrint enabled printers is far longer than its opposite.

Enter Printer Pro, developed by Readdle. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because they’re the minds behind some the best productivity and utility apps available today, including Documents, Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Remarks and last but certainly not least, Calendars 5. With Printer Pro, you can print almost anything from your phone to nearly any printer. Join me after the jump as I show you how. (more…)

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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Berokyo. The developer describes Berokyo as follows: Berokyo lets you organize all your favorite and frequently used contacts, documents, digital media and virtually any type of file into one or more customizable and beautiful bookshelves; and once there, they can be quickly accessed, copied, shared, viewed, played, and so much more. Berokyo definitely helps you improve your organization and productivity on the go!

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iOS is a beautifully simple operating system. However, its simplicity is also one of its major downfalls. For instance, the lack of a Finder can make for some troubling file management problems: What do you do when someone mails you a zipped file? Where can you store, view, copy, and share important documents?

The iOS geniuses at Readdle have a solution to these problems and more in their new app PDF Expert, available for both iPhone and iPad. Today we’ll be going over the excellent iPad version and I guarantee many of you will find it to be an essential piece of software.