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Earlier this year, I adopted a seven-month-old Miniature Dachshund named Darwin. Sadly, Darwin did not have the best start in life, and arrived with no knowledge of basic obedience cues. Needless to say, I immediately enrolled Darwin in a six-week training course but since then, I have also discovered Dog Training Academy, which I plan on running alongside the course.

Dog Training Academy promises to help teach your dog to do just about anything, eliminating the need for expensive training courses and complicated literature, which is a very bold claim indeed. But can Dog Training Academy actually replace the structure and socialization of an obedience class? Find out after the jump. (more…)

In the 1990s we saw the widespread expansion of a new and unique form of entertainment: virtual pets. NanoPets, Tamagotchis and a plenty of other trend-following brands began marketing little electronic keychains that provided users with a virtual companion that literally depended on them to remain alive.

Since then a few advancements have been made in the virtual pet arena and we’ve seen just enough quirky console and handheld games to keep the trend partially alive. Now that smartphones have become fairly ubiquitous we are seeing a resurgence in games based on the idea of interacting with a virtual creature that requires daily attention.

Today we’ll look at a couple of apps that can help quench your inexplicable need to nurture binary-based beings.