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It’s difficult to deny that the iPhone, and smartphones in general, have changed the world of photography. Gone are the days of needing to own a point-and-shoot camera to be able to take decent pictures whilst out and about, because most of us have a great camera built into our phone. Furthermore, the App Store is now home to hundreds, if not thousands of apps dedicated to helping you get the most out of your smartphone camera, giving you quick and easy ways to edit, improve and share your photos.

Wood Camera is one of the latest additions to the ever-growing photo editing app market, and it shines. Let’s go more in depth after the jump. (more…)

Our featured sponsor this week is AnyShape — Photo Editor, a powerful and versatile tool for editing your photos on your iPhone.

One great thing about the iPhone is the ability to take amazing photos wherever you are, but what about when it comes time to edit those pictures? Sure, you can add fancy effects with lots of different apps, but I’m talking about real, Photoshop-style editing. What app does that?

AnyShape — Photo Editor lets you edit your photos in extremely detailed ways. You can use a selection tool the cut an image out from its background, or change the selected area. Want to apply effects? Sure, you can do that too, including pixelate, greyscale and more. Or you can just cut out a portion of the photo and make the background transparent. Seriously, there’s a lot of tools at your disposal with this app, and it all works with your fingers.

In fact, let’s get specific. You’ve got your Bezier selection tool, a finger smudging tool, selective filtering and coloring, shape cropping — this thing is jam packed. Plus, it can process any image up to 10MP or 25MB. Through that in with a ton of filters and professional enhancement tools, and that’s a pretty solid package for under a buck.

Ultimately, AnyShape — PhotoEditor gives you freedom. You don’t have to hop onto your Mac to edit your photos anymore, you can do them right away from the comfort of your couch or while riding to work on the train. No matter where you are, you have all the same tools on hand as you would with your Mac, but they’re in your pocket. That’s pretty impressive.

Go Get It!

Right now, AnyShape — Photo Editor is on sale for just $0.99, so scoop it up while you can!

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So many popular photo editing applications have come out in the past few months. Many of these image editors utilize basic effects for blending modes, cropping and color manipulation. However, I rarely find an app like Pictwo which allows you to combine two different photos into one beautiful image.

The app UI design is phenomenal and very easy to start using. Any photography enthusiast will love all of the features which accompany Pictwo. There are some very creative textures & effects included which help to blend photos together in a collage-style design. Let’s see what develops after the jump. (more…)

One of the things that I really appreciate about the iPhone is the fact that I can use it as my portable camera. With every new iteration of the phone, the camera gets better and better, and soon it will be a solid device that can rival other standalone cameras. As you know, camera apps are a dime a dozen; there are a few that stand out and the rest just kind of take up space in the App Store. But with video, it is a little different in that there still are a few that stand out, but you don’t have as many apps to choose from.

One that recently caught my eye was Vidify, which is very different than some of the other well know video apps like Socialcam and Viddy, which were both reviewed here on iPhone.AppStorm previously.The main function of it is to create your own video collage to share with others; think of it as a simple way to edit a bunch of videos into one. If you like to take video with your iPhone or just want to spice them up a bit, you are definitely going to want to find out more about Vidify. (more…)

I love toying around with photos and manipulating different settings. When you walk around with an iPhone in your pocket at all times, you tend to rack up a decent collection of photos. And so it seems like the best companion for a large photo library is a large collection of iOS apps centered around image editing.

Popsicolor is brand new to the App Store having been first published in June 2012. Their branding is fantastic and they’ve already made it into the “What’s Hot” section of the App Store. Let’s find out why after the jump.

Instagram has become a phenomonom. It’s really quite rare that a service gains such a wide adoption that it becomes a household name. As someone who spends a large part of his day reading and writing about the technology industry, i’m no stranger to a lot of lesser-known apps (i.e., one’s my friends probably wouldn’t have heard of). Instagram is different; my Facebook stream is littered with Instagram shots, and I see people every day taking photos with the app.

Facebook clearly recognised the Instagram team were onto something when they bought the app for a billion dollars. A day or so ago, Facebook released Facebook Camera, a brand new app that is probably going to be the future of Instagram. (more…)

Photo sharing has became somewhat of a phenomenon on mobile devices ever since the smartphone was born, due to it’s combination of camera and Internet connection. While posting raw, unedited photos to sites like Twitter and Facebook is still popular, a breed of photography apps have attempted to capitalise on the popular action, including Instagram.

Following the success of apps like Instagram, several have attempted to emulate the success by providing a filter-based suite of editing tools, allowing users to style images in a number of preset ways. Fuzel is something slightly different; it’s all about arranging your images in a collage to share, an idea I haven’t really seen in a highly publicised app before. (more…)

Editing video has always been a somewhat tedious process that requires a lot of graphical horsepower and skill to pull off correctly. Sure, apps like iMovie and the like have tried to make things easier, but they’re never really fun, now are they?

With that in mind, in comes Game Your Video, an app that’s built from the ground up to make the process of making movies fun. So does it succeed or fall flat on its face? Let’s hit the arcade and find out after the jump.  (more…)

Last week, Apple dropped a few big products our direction. We saw a new AppleTV, 1080P video for true HD content, a new iPad and even more. And then there was iPhoto, the latest and greatest piece of software for the iPad that allows you to edit your pics right there on the device. Oh, and it’s a universal app too, so it’s on the iPhone! Yay!

But how would an app that’s built to perform well on the expansive screen of the iPad work with the iPhone? Let’s file down those fingertips and find out.  (more…)

The amount of intriguing iOS Twitter apps has risen dramatically in the past year. There have been many popular development teams which have created some seriously killer user interfaces, not to mention beautifully artistic designs. The winners of this race to the App Store have been some of the most passionate apps written by very intelligent people.

Scopy is a newer release which focuses on the photo media found on Twitter. You’ll be able to view and share photos with all your followers while also refreshing your Twitter timeline with new content. The icon design and user interface are beautiful to experience and compliment the photographs wonderfully. After the break, I’ll go over how to use Scopy properly, and what you can do after connecting with your Twitter Account.


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