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Podcasting has been around since the early 2000s, and it has undergone a massive amount of change since then. The mobile industry itself has seen change — gone are the iPods and Creative MP3 players, replaced by the dominance of smartphones. While the iPhone doesn’t hold the lion’s amount of market share that the iPod did, it has been enough to catapult both podcast clients and podcasts themselves to a completely new level. In 2013, we saw just how utterly successful that market has become. (more…)

It’s Friday night and I am taking my lovely wife to see a film. Naturally, to find what’s playing and when, I look to my iPhone. This brings around a tough decision though. I have not one app for this job, but a folder full of them! Which should I use?

They all accomplish pretty much the same thing. Some, like IMDB, have tons of other features and really just focus on movie times as a non-core function, but it’s nice to have all of that information at your fingertips. Others, like Flixster, really focus on getting you the info you need quickly and without distractions.

I want to know which app you use for this. Not which one has the most features or the best interface but the one that you actually turn to every time you want to go see a movie. Today’s poll lists the popular options and has a place for you to write in anything that’s not listed.

Once you’ve voted, leave a comment below and let us know why you use the app that you do!

With the release of the iPhone 4 a month ago to mass fanfare and record-breaking numbers of phones sold, I thought it would be interesting to look back to where the iPhone really came into its own – the App Store. The App Store (coupled with the great hardware) is what has really made the iPhone such a standout device despite ever-increasing competition from other smartphones.

When the App Store launched at around this time in 2008 it was much anticipated and debuted quite successfully with hundreds of great apps. Below is a compilation of some of the best games that were released in those first six months and that are still well worth the download – often at now reduced prices!

Whether you’re a long time iDevice consumer who used the App Store on Day 1 and want to go back down memory lane and re-experience the enjoyment that can be gained from some of the games, or you have a new iPhone or iPod Touch and wish to get some excellent games that have been reduced in price after almost two years in the store, keep reading for the full list of games!


Apple’s iOS is proving to be one of the best mobile gaming platforms around. With the iPad’s large screen, you can join the fun with an unrivaled experience in touch-screen gaming.

Below you’ll find 25 of the best apps currently available for the iPad from several different genres. Whether you’re a hard core gamer looking for the next best first person shooter or just a casual sudoku loving iPad owner, there’s something here for you.