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Do you really need another coffee app? Probably not, but I’m not talking practicality here, I’m talking about passion, flavor and the appreciation of the perfect espresso shot — I’m talking about the Great Coffee App. It’s a short introduction to 17 of the most popular espresso-based drinks, with attractive photos depicting the layers of coffee, milk, foam, etc. and demo videos outlining the process for making each drink.

This is an app for coffee lovers and those just learning to appreciate the beauty of the crema. Use it as a quick reference when you come across an unfamiliar espresso drink or just enjoy perusing the stories for interesting coffee trivia and watching the video demos. The thoughtful app design and artistic representation of each cup will leave you with a greater appreciation for the barista’s art. Great Coffee App does one thing many instructional coffee apps fail to do — it inspires!

Want to explore the world of espresso drinks? Keep reading to learn more about this unique coffee app. (more…)

The App Store is full of unique ideas which cover a whole lot more than mobile games. Angry Birds is always fun, but app developers are focused on building software that can help people in many different ways. And as some of us know already, coffee is a popular topic amongst the tech crowd.

Barista was created by Glasshouse Apps as a mobile guide. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy this handy pocket reference to brewing your own espresso right at home. If you’ve ever had an interest in brewing your own morning buzz, you’ve got to check out Barista. (more…)