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I’ve always looked at Evernote as a service that simply wasn’t for me. Dropbox and Finder have always met my limited needs, but a steady stream of updates and acquisitions has made Evernote harder and harder to ignore. The service can store nearly anything, and features like OCR and tags make content easy to sift through.

Capture is an important part of the Evernote process, but it’s not really something that the iOS versions of the apps do very well. Sure, Evernote has a giant Plus button, but that doesn’t mean that adding items is easy. This Plus button brings up a blank note, which works well for simple notes, but copying and pasting into Evernote can be a pain. On top of that, adding tags or changing a notebook takes several taps. EverClip tries to improve upon the Evernote capture process. The app runs in the background and captures anything that’s copied to the iOS clipboard. Should EverClip be a part of your Evernote arsenal? (more…)