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I have always been heavy in some form or another. When I was a kid, it was just by a little bit — maybe five, ten pounds. In college, I put on the Freshman 15 eating ice cream sandwiches with chocolate milk. When I got older and my metabolism started to go, the pounds began to add up. Soon I was excessively heavy, to the point that I was concerned for my health, but a combination of depression, neglect and apathy kept me at status quo for years.

The birth of my first child didn’t change that. The birth of my second didn’t either, but it was a wake-up call when a close friend of mine died, and he was just a few years older than me. That’s when I decided I had to do something about my weight or else I’d never see my kids make it to college. And that’s when I turned to my iPhone to get it going. (more…)

I’ve been looking for apps to help me get in shape. I know at the end of the day that it’s down to me and the effort I put in, but I need a little extra push. I’d feel a lot better about this whole fitness thing if I had a leg up going into it.

That’s what I’m hoping Cody will be for me. With personalized fitness goals, the ability to track my workouts and lots of other users on the same path, Cody may be the support I need. (more…)

Whether you’re looking to start running, or looking to run your fastest race ever, Gipis Running can deliver a plan specifically for you. Just set your running goal and the app will handle it from there. Gipis will provide you with a training regimen to complement your running experience (if applicable), your goals and your schedule.

Then all you have to do is … run! Log your runs using the app, upload your workouts and then kill it out there on the track. That’s all there is to it. Come on, click “more” and I’ll show you how it all works. (more…)

I love to keep fit. I’ve been a fitness enthusiast nearly all my life, and after scouting around the app store, I managed to find this awesome app that we previously reviewed and found a bunch of awesome fitness routines that you can do. I praise the app often, so I thought I could show the potentially gym-shy users out there how to use your iPhone to help you start keeping fit.

This article will serve as a guide to resistance training you can do with your iPhone using a few apps that I’ve selected. Be aware that you should do about three sessions of moderate cardio a week for general fitness and flexibility. This can be as simple as going for a brisk walk to playing an intense game of basketball! (more…)

Whether you’re new to exercise and don’t know where to start, or a fitness enthusiast who’s looking to change up the weekly routine, the Reebok Fitness app allows you to design a workout program specific to your wants and needs with the help of a fitness expert.

Pick your favorite activities or incorporate new ones into your plan, then let the app provide you with a schedule and workout reminders, plus challenge you to keep you motivated. You can view a breakdown of your achievements after each session and even share the results with friends.

Are you ready to get moving? Click “more” to see how the app works. (more…)

A lot of people find exercise to be more enjoyable when they’re also listening to music, and there’s the argument that a good song can even boost your performance during a workout.

The makers of Cruise Control: Run have taken that idea one step (ha!) further by finding a way to adjust in real time the music on your iPhone. This means you can set your target pace or just start running, and the app will continually keep the rhythm in check so that your footsteps fall just so. Click “more” and I’ll show you how it works. (more…)

My wife is pregnant with our second child, and since we’re just over two months away from the big day, she’s already quite tired of carrying a few extra pounds. The other day she says, “I want to hit the gym after our little girl is born. Hard.” Good for her!

The last time we had gym memberships, we rocked our iPods and considered that enough. But today would we use our iPhones instead?

How about you? Do you use your iPhone to workout or do you use something else? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Icon image via Men’s Fitness.

No doubt the item “exercise more” will be on some of your New Year resolutions lists, especially after indulging in all the tempting goodies that show up at end-of-year parties and family gatherings. Nexercise can help you reach your goals, plus provide you with incentives to get up and get moving.

How, you ask? By awarding you with points based on your activity levels, and then turning those points into cash in the shape of discounts at name brands and stores. Click “more” to see how it works. (more…)

Do you remember the Jawbone UP? You purchased the UP band, wore it on your wrist and downloaded the app to go with it. It tracked your steps, calories burned, how restful your sleep was and you could compare your results with your friends for motivation to get more active. It was a novel idea, and myself along with a few colleagues bought into it. A month or so later, Jawbone announced a recall/refund program for the UP band, after numerous reports of issues with the hardware. Soon after, the UP buzz was over. Apple Stores stopped stocking it, and the UP band was largely deemed a failure by critics.

Meet the Nike+ FuelBand — it’s the same kind of idea, but executed a lot better. Let’s take a look after the jump. (more…)

Working out. Not all of us are good at it. Even those of us that are don’t know if we’re training right or wrong. If you’ve struggled trying to bulk or tone up, it probably has to do either with a fault in the exercises or a lack of organisation. That can all be changed with the help of this app.

Fitness Buddy is an app packed full of exercises that will help you sculpt your ideal body. It has many useful features for the new athlete or the dedicated bodybuilder; anyone will be able to enhance their workout through this app. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store. (more…)

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