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Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Flickpad – Facebook Photos for iPad. The developer describes Flickpad as a Facebook photo app made specifically for the iPad and its multi-touch capabilities. Photos react to your touch like they do in real life.

While Flickpad was designed first and foremost to make checking the newest photos quick and fun, it also allows you to browse and search for friends and albums, comment on photos, email photos to friends and family, favorite photos, and more.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Apple certainly took their time to activate push notification for the iPhone, but the truth is that it has been worth the wait. As one of the most requested features, it proves to be very useful when used appropriately and with measure.

Boxcar takes advantage of this feature by providing an entry point for all your notifications: Twitter, Facebook, email and even RSS or Growl, and then firing the appropriate app to handle them. This review will take a look at how the app works, and explain where to start.


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