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I went on a business trip out of the country recently, and before I left I checked with AT&T to find out what my international phone rates were looking like. Once I regained consciousness, I told my family that I would get ahold of them with FaceTime anytime I needed to talk.

And that’s what I did, but after using it for a bit it became … awkward. But why? Let’s talk it out after the break.

With the release of the iPhone 4 and its fantastic two-camera setup, Apple unveiled a new video-conferencing technology called FaceTime. The futuristic dream of talking face to face with someone anytime, anywhere from a handheld device had seemingly become a reality.

Unfortunately, the “anywhere” aspect was in reality quite limited due to the fact you’re required to use FaceTime over Wifi. This limitation has no doubt decreased the usefulness of the technology, maybe even to the point of uselessness for some users.

We want to know what you think. Cast your vote on the right and tell us how often you use FaceTime, whether it be from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac or heck even Mac to Mac. Is this great new feature more of a novelty or is it an important aspect of your daily communication?

After you vote, leave a comment below and let us know if your usage would change should the Wifi-only restriction be lifted. If you could really use FaceTime anywhere, anytime, would you? Or is video calling still too awkward? Let us know!

Ever since I saw a Dick Tracy comic for the first time as a kid I’ve been enamored by the idea of face to face conversations that defy the barrier of distance. Dick’s watch was an amazing feat in communication that allowed him to see and converse with his trusty sidekick from anywhere (for you fans out there, it started as a radio watch but eventually was upgraded to a two-way TV watch).

Other reputable sources such as the Jetson’s spurred on my childhood notion that in the future phone conversations would not be confined to mere audio.