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Beautylish is an online social network totally focused on beauty, including resources, product reviews, video tutorials, makeup tips, trends, celeb looks and more.

The iPhone app feels very much like a magazine chock-full of user-generated content. Browse what other beauty-obsessed individuals are discovering and experimenting with, plus learn how to get the cool looks they’re coming up with and share your own.

Click “more” to get started. (more…)

Welcome to Poshmark, a virtual consignment store that allows you to shop the closets of users all over the United States, as well as sell your own gently used items and earn cash for them.

You know that jewelry your ex gave you? What about that pair of jeans you used to wear all the time but haven’t picked up in a while? All of these and other items that have been relegated to the far recesses of your closet can now be posted to Poshmark to find better homes and fill your wallet. Click “more” and we’ll take a look. (more…)

If you’ve never been to the Polyvore website, it’s a bit like Pinterest, but just for fashion (because there aren’t enough people posting pictures of fancy clothes on Pinterest as far as I’m concerned). Users create fashion collage boards called sets, pieced together from articles of clothing they find on Polyvore and elsewhere on the Internet.

This already sounds like the best site ever, right? Random people on the internet using the tools of high fashion to create their own works of clothing art, with sometimes lovely and sometimes dismal results. But it gets better, because you can get all this on your phone, too! Let’s take a look at the Polyvore iOS app and see if it can measure up to its web app big sister. (more…)

Do you like to browse retailers’ websites on your phone whenever you have a couple minutes to kill? Or are you an always-on-the-go shopper who can’t remember the last time you didn’t use your iPhone to make a purchase? Either way, CoffeeTable can make your mobile shopping experience better.

A little like having a personal shopper, CoffeeTable features more than 150 digital catalogs from well-known and well-loved brands, including Athleta, Eddie Bauer, Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Heifer and many others — all categorized and ready for you to easily save, share or purchase products from. Click “more” to see how it works. (more…)

Try to imagine an app that’s something like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy all rolled into one. It would probably look like Pose.

Here’s an app that not only lets you share what you’re wearing with your friends and followers, it also affords brings you style inspiration courtesy of other users (including some celebs!), allows you to start conversations with other fashion fanatics, and best of all, allows you to shop the looks you love. Hit the jump and I’ll show you how it works. (more…)

Fashion apps are like actual fashion in that everyone has their own opinions about what’s great and what’s rubbish. That said, here are 50 worth looking into, including content from great style websites, magazines, games, social networks, and oh yes, apps for shopping.

And the best part is: Most of these are free. So take a look, mix and match, and be prepared to find some style inspiration. Click “more” to see the list. (more…)

Fashionable types will love Cloth, but so will the fashionably challenged set. An attractive and easy-to-use app, Cloth makes the most of your iPhone’s camera and your sense of style, or at least, sense of stylish experimentation. With the app, you can save and share photos of your outfits, making it easier to remember favorite looks, as well as pull together a tried-and-true ensemble for your next dress-to-impress appointment.

Whether you want to be sure you don’t repeat your wardrobe for social events or just engage in a friendly competition among friends to see who can come up with the savviest outfit, Cloth allows you to become your own stylist. Experiment with different looks and decide what works best. Want to know more? Click through and I’ll give you the details.