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With the end of Google Reader, the playing field for RSS feeds and apps has really levelled out. I’ve been in the open market ever since. I’ve got a Feedly account and a Feed Wrangler account. I’m not extremely impressed with either at this point, and I’m considering moving over to Feedbin. But I want to use apps that integrate with my preferred solution.

On the iPhone, that’s left me with the official Feed Wrangler app, the Feedly app, Reeder and Slow Feeds. I’ve been using Reeder for well over a year now, but Silvio Rizzi has been slower and slower to update it as time has gone on. I decided to try out a new experience and I’ve been test driving Slow Feeds. If you’re curious about what a different take on RSS feed reading on the iPhone can be like, hit up my review after the break. (more…)

Reading on your iPhone can be a chore, mostly because your iPhone is so small and words can be so big, especially when writers make them into sentences and then paragraphs. From there, people start writing blogs, and everything just goes downhill — unless you have a great RSS app to help you keep all that reading in check. Feedly is making reading on the iPhone that much more enjoyable though, even if you do still have to contend with all those words and sentences and things. (more…)