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Going on vacation is often an expensive event that includes costs from all areas. Add to that the confusion of an additional, perhaps unfamiliar currency and it might be easy for you not to take advantage of the best deal out there.

One place you can be subtly charged a quite significant fee is in currency exchange when buying from a commission-based bureau de change. Currency exchangers make a profit by adjusting exchange rates to guarantee a profit when a transaction takes place. Most of the time however, you won’t notice what is essentially their fee because it’s part of your overall exchange rate, which they take as commission. With each retailer offering a different rate, it can be difficult to deduce which one is offering the best deal with minimal commission.

Currency Exchange Fee Calculator is a very simple, straightforward app that will cross-reference a retailer’s offer with the going market rate to calculate the fee they’re adding on. Let’s find out more after the jump.  (more…)